If You Hate It, Get It Out of Your House

When you move to a new place, usually you have a blank canvas to work from.  The former owners have removed all of their things, and you come in with yours.   They have left their mark with the choice of paint, flooring, lighting and landscaping; but this new house takes on a familiar feel, just by adding your things.

Well,  this move was nothing like that.  We did not buy a furnished house, but we got a lot of furniture anyways.  The former owners left beds, loveseats, benches, ottomans, bar stools, 14 cacti and other random items. Some of it is just not me.

I am a northwest girl, born and bred.  I did not hop on the southwest craze in the early 90’s when I was a newlywed outfitting my first home.  Now 20 years later, southwest cushions, southwest pillows, and southwest bar stools are being foisted on me.

My friend Paige came to help with colors, furniture arrangement, and  fabulous ideas on how to make this place feel more like home.  She also had wonderful advice, “If you hate it, get it out of your house.”  You just don’t want to be looking at stuff that makes you crazy, unhappy, depressed, frustrated, or all of the above.

That day, I packed up a dozen southwest pillows from the conversation pit–yes, there are some interesting things about this house–and put them out of my sight. Unfortunately, bar stools don’t pack up as easily, but I had a simple solution.  A trip to the fabric store for a few yards of clearance upholstery fabric, batting from my endless stash of junk and a staple gun were the answer to my troubles. I love the geometric print and the warm colors.  Our old house had rust, gold, brown and beige balanced with wood tones and granite.  We have an amazing view here, but the white interior can be very cold.  We’ve started adding a little warmth and a  little love.

Now if anyone knows a good home for some rather large cacti, we’ll be doing great.


5 thoughts on “If You Hate It, Get It Out of Your House

  1. Love the new stools. You are so creative & will have no problem turning this beautiful house into your home.

  2. Hey D’Layne and Kim! Isn’t this just a fun thing to keep us all posted on what is going on? Saw that Uncle Ron had responded too. Aunt Linda sent the blog I sent to her, to Julie, so now they are on it too. Very exciting. Larry and I got up early and went for a walk this morning and now we both have so much energy that we seem to be doing everything at once. Very fun day. Tata laidies!

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