Conquering the Fear of Color

Sometimes you love a space, but your stuck with colors you’ve never been drawn too.  Our new master suite has a lovely walk-in shower with floor to ceiling walls of navy tile on the outside and dusty blue on the inside.  We don’t do navy.  It’s not part of our color scheme… But what do you do when it’s in your face? You have to incorporate it somewhere.

We have embraced navy as an accent color.  I went on Pinterest and found some beautiful examples of bedrooms that showcased navy.  I found bathrooms featuring white and navy.  I bought paint, painted boards, and decided we could master our fear of navy and go with it.

My sweet, handsome man transformed our bedroom while I went to a wedding.

We decided to paint the interior square of our room (that is the wall behind our headboard, the walk-through closet and the back of our vanity) navy.  This brings the color from our wall of tile into the rest of the room without making it a cave.

Here are some lovely before and after shots.

This is our bed five years ago when the house first went on the market.  Tasteful but dated:

Here is our bed.  One little tip when you’re moving, measure everything.  This is a built-in bed.  We thought it was a queen–it’s not.  On our to-do list is to buy a king-sized mattress.  While the former owners left their bed behind, we just couldn’t handle using it… So we have a queen bed that requires a hitch and giddee-up to get in and out of it.

Do you see the lovely tile shower surround in the background? I  like the way the color totally showcases the headboard and other built-ins.  Wait until you see the closet.  Here’s the before:

Here’s how a little paint can make all those drawers and shelves look even more beautiful:

And finally, the on back-side of the wall is our floating vanity.  It was lovely in plain white, but the navy shows off the wonderful trim.

It may seem that we have conquered color in our master suite, but this is just the beginning.  I have been holding out on you.

The former owners also incorporated navy in other areas of the room.  Faux finishing was huge when this home was built.  The former owners hired an artist to come out and paint not one, not two, but three bathrooms and the master bedroom. This is the wall opposite our bed:

The water closet is painted similarly.  I’m thankful it’s paint rather than wall paper.  We are thinking of covering this with a soft yellow that would contrast with the rest of the built-ins.

We have learned from experience that paint chips just aren’t big enough for a true feel, so my youngest daughter has been painting color boards.  After she painted this, I knew something was horribly wrong.

Something went horribly wrong.

The paint store used the wrong base for the yellow paint.  We went back to Parker Paints in Redmond.  They were wonderful.  They gave me a replacement sample and a coupon for $8 off my next gallon of paint for my troubles.

We’ll see whether we end up with soft yellow on the rest of the walls.  Maybe we’ll try soft gray, or green…


7 thoughts on “Conquering the Fear of Color

  1. What a treat to wake up this morning to enjoy your blog “Conquering your fear of color”. As you know, I do not have that same fear, however navy is to be found nowhere in our home. I have embraced it, as have you, and will use it somewhere soon. The wall behind your bed is so beautiful and with the 2 paintings included, it is fabulous!!!!! Great job, I am loving being kept abreast of your daily activities. Love, MeeMee

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