On the Sunny Side of the Street

This weekend, I was reminded in such a real way how much of life is about perspective.  Am I focusing on the 90 percent of my life that is great or the 10 percent that needs a little work?

This house has a wall of windows that let’s in the light.

In the dark, overcast northwest that is such a boon.  The seal has failed in a few of those windows, and yes there are doggy nose prints all along the bottom.  But the plumeria is in bloom and oranges are ripening on our satsuma.

Life is good.  Thank you to my mister for letting me go to a women’s get away with the wonderful ladies from church. And thank you for holding down the fort at home with soccer games, a volleyball tournament, an FFA competition, Tolo, teaching Sunday School and getting ready for an open house at the old place.  You are the best.

Now maybe I should grab a rag and tackle those nose prints.


5 thoughts on “On the Sunny Side of the Street

  1. Kim…
    The place looks amazing! And man, I love plumeria. They’re one of my favorites, I saw them all the time in Hawaii but didn’t realize they would survive the northwest. Enjoy! Mary Kay sent the link out to your blog and I’ve enjoyed seeing your new place. Hope all is well!

    • Julie, I’m sure you have fond memories of Hawaii especially after the big event last December. Congratulations! We stayed in a place with plumeria in bloom the first time we took the girls to HI. They tucked the blossoms behind their ears as we headed out to dinner each night. We bought the foot long stick that would grow into this wonderful tree… That was 6-7 years ago, and this is the first time it’s bloomed. We would move it out to the patio during the summer and bring it in over the winter. All the sun at the new place has made a huge difference. Today, I have tropical flowers blooming against a backdrop of later winter snow.

  2. I look forward to enjoying your blog every day!!! Again I say, “what a great idea”. Also enjoyed looking at how this new business in your area staged your last house, for the open house. It is beautifully done, however it is a beautiful home anyway to begin with.

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