Lore of the House

A few weeks after we moved in, it snowed, the power went out, and we operated off the built-in generator for the next four days. We had filled up the oil tank before moving in, but we hadn’t filled up the propane tank that keeps the generator running. That meant the generator was being rationed. We didn’t want to be totally without heat, water, or cell phones… You know the necessities of life.

When the power came back on, I called up the propane company to schedule a delivery. They said, “Oh your the big white house on the hill, right?”  That we are.  This house has sat on the hill looking out over the valley for 20 years now, and there are plenty of stories about it. Only half of them are true.

I told a friend that you can see our house from Camp Corey, one of the Hole in the Wall Camps.  She replied, “Isn’t it some kind of military compound?”  “Uh, no.”

A carpenter who came out to bid on one of our endless projects asked if this was built as a house or something else.  No, it’s not a former conference center; just our home.

Friends came out and wanted to know if it was the Courtney Love/Kurt Cobain house? Hmm, now that would truly be something, but no.

We had the bonus of working with the realtors who had listed this property five years ago.  They had a lot of the inside story.  The original owners had also built this home. The husband was a builder and drew the plans for it on a napkin one night at dinner. The amount of windows exceeds current code and could never be built today. All those windows are one of our favorite things about this place. Not only do they afford beautiful views, they let in a ton of light and heat. The temperature may be 41-degrees outside, but I’m writing this in my tank top.

I believe that the original owners truly loved this place, and it shows in many of the details. When the house was being built, they had an artist come and sit on the roof line to sketch the view of the mountains.

These drawings were etched into the glass windows and doors used all along the front of the house in the entry and the master bedroom.

When the realtors held an open house, people from across the valley came to see what this place that they’d seen for years was all about. We’ve lived out here for 13 years, and I’d never noticed it. Apparently, I was just driving on the wrong road. I’ve made a detour since then and felt the pride of ownership as I see our home perched on the edge of the valley.

This place has many secrets–trap doors and hidden storage. I’m thankful, my sweet, handsome man was looking online and we stumbled upon it.


One thought on “Lore of the House

  1. Great story, so nice that it is already feeling like home. I understand you are getting all new appliances. Could we have before and after pictures? Where does Bogart’s cage reside? Where would he like it to reside? Evidently the top of the transom did not allow him enough view, so he is above the transom now? Where does he go to when he wants out?

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