It Felt Like Christmas

Yesterday was one of those days that you wake up and know it’s going to be good. “The new appliances are coming, the new appliances are coming…” was racing through my head.

At 8:30, I got a text from the Mister that the appliance guy had called for directions. He was on his way. The wait was over. This was really going to happen.

Around 9 am, my knight in shining armor from Frederick’s Appliances in Redmond had arrived in all his glory. He came to take the old, the ugly, the broken and to replace them with the bright, the shiny, the new. I may be getting a little carried away, but this guy just made my life so much easier.

We started with an ugly dishwasher that backed up into the disposal, randomly quit working, and flashed all its lights at me in angry defiance. Don’t be fooled by its innocent looks. This machine was my nemesis. Here it’s hiding from me ready for a sneak attack.

This was before we moved in. They wanted to keep the cabinet doors open for air flow and I was just trying to get a feel for cabinet space. It’s the only photo of this horrible machine that I have.

This is our replacement.

It’s quiet, shiny and bright, and adds a little sparkle to our kitchen.

We haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m already in love.  We looked at other dishwashers, but this Asko has no handle that sticks out and really clean lines.  It’s part of a 12-foot run of cabinets, and I wanted to keep that sleek, streamlined look.

I’ve already showed you the ugly and the broken a few days ago, but here’s a quick reminder.

While we could have lived with the ugly for awhile, an oven that turns off randomly has got to go.  Here’s its lovely replacement.

Adding some glitz in the midst of all that white.

We debated as to whether we should stick with white or go with stainless. I’m so glad we decided to break it up. Not only does stainless bring in a different aspect to the kitchen, the grill over the fridge no longer sticks out like a sore thumb.

We looked at some really high end ovens and decided to go with a more mid-priced model.  One of the bloggers I follow wrote that she always goes with less expensive appliances since styles change so quickly. I’m not into expendable appliances; we usually keep things for a very long time.  I did notice that white appliances are coming back in Europe and will probably become on-trend here in a few years. It’s nice not to have spent a fortune on new appliances, so I don’t feel like we have to keep them for another 20 years.

As you can see with the older oven and microwave, they get a lot of sun exposure and have yellowed quite a bit over the years. Stainless won’t ever look like that. I tried to get two shots from the same angle to show how much bigger the new models are. The top of the oven is at the top of the back splash rather than the top of the counter.  I lost a few inches on the upper cabinet, but my cookie sheets still fit–no problem. A lot of times, you don’t find out the quirks of an oven  until you’ve used it. I was excited to be able to see the food in the oven when I turned the light on–something I haven’t been able to do for years… I’m sure there will be pluses and minuses to my new friends.

We have read mixed reviews on the Jenn-Air oven and microwave. The salesman assured us that the past issues have been remedied. We did buy the extended warranty which is handled through the appliance store rather than the manufacturer. There’s a lot of hate mail on the internet about the manufacturer’s customer service. Our salesman promised to take good care of us; we’re trusting you James.

Knock on wood, the pot roast last night was amazing, and I see cookies in our near future. With busy schedules, hungry teenagers, and friends over more often than not, these appliances are going to get a work out.


2 thoughts on “It Felt Like Christmas

  1. Wow, your new appliances are very beautiful indeed. Our last home in Silver Lake had a Jenn-Air electric cook top with the built-in bar-b-q that could change out to be 2 extra burners. Plus I had a Jenn-Air oven that looked full size, but was not because the down draft was to the side of the oven. That is where I learned to cook my Thanksgiving turkey all night, instead of putting it in the oven in the morning. I loved the down draft as it worked extremely well, and we were in the house for over 20 years and never had a problem. Plus I did all my catering cooking there, so it did double duty. Wise choices you two. Bon Apetite! MK

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