Get on With It Already

Sometimes I can’t seem to move beyond thinking about doing something. I can always find reasons it won’t work out.

Sherry of Young House Love has inspired me with her “Dude, Get On That Already” challenge. All those great ideas that she comes up with or projects that she starts that get set aside, she is finishing them up. You are my hero.

I too have a wide variety of projects in various stages of completion. Some would be so easy to finish.

I boxed up books that the former owners left behind and planned to take them to the used bookstore. They sat in the guest room for weeks.

I had a million excuses. They wouldn’t take reader’s digest books, I didn’t want them to think I read such low brow stuff, I really couldn’t carry three boxes of books on my own, it’s raining, I’ll never find parking, the list goes on and on.

Sometimes I need a kick in the pants and willing helpers. My youngest and one of her buddies helped me drop off those boxes of books at the local used bookstore.


No, the bookstore won’t take reader’s digest condensed books and neither will the library, but they told me how to recycle them.

I got three big boxes of books out of my guest room and two wound up back in my storage room. Pinterest has some amazing ideas on how to turn old books into art.

Maybe one project has just turned into another one. At least I’m in motion.


3 thoughts on “Get on With It Already

  1. The big books “your youngest” is carrying, make great end tables when you stack, glue and paint. Also can even make them be lamps by drilling a hole for the cord in the middle. Good job Kim for “getting on with it already”.

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