Inquiring Minds Want to Know

I could pretend that this is me answering my mass of followers’ most often asked questions, but let’s be real.  In all honesty, this is me answering my most loyal follower, most frequent commenter, my friend, and my mother-in-law all rolled up into one.  So here’s a shout out to Mary Kay.  I will do my best to answer all your questions.

Do you feel you are having more kids visiting your home since you have moved? 

We have hoards of teenage girls coming by after school and hanging out in the evenings. I get texts in the afternoon asking me to turn on the hot tub heater.

Evidence the hot tub is well used.

The first night we were here, we had four extras. I heard complaints from the little one about how noisy they were…. Even with raiding the fridge at 2 am, I didn’t hear a thing. So that’s a big Yes.

We do have boys over, too.  Sometimes as the mom of two beautiful teenage girls, I like to pretend we don’t.  No one has suggested a co-ed hot tub party–yeah!

Do you feel like a short-order cook at times? 

No. We always have food. I try to make allowances for friends who are vegetarian or vegan, but this is what we’re eating. The girls friends’ know we eat weird food, and they’re cool with it.

Do the girls cook/entertain in their wing? 

Yes and No. So maybe the answer is sort of? They have made nachos in their kitchen. Sometimes they make snacks downstairs and then take them upstairs. They have a full kitchen, but it’s stocked with chocolate milk and capri-suns–not really what you need to entertain.

Do they prefer hanging out in your end of the home?

They do their homework downstairs watching their shows after school. But they often head upstairs to their rooms to relax, read and study. It’s a split.

Does their TV work in their wing?

The satellite doesn’t work upstairs. There was a problem with the age/quality of the wiring. They do have a DVD player and the Wii. The Mister has bought a Roku for downloading movies and TV shows, but that hasn’t been set up just yet. I guess I have to say sort of.

Do you have 2 vacuums so they may keep their wing clean?

That ones easy. No. The vacuum is downstairs. They’re responsible for vacuuming their wing weekly.

Are they doing their own laundry?

Sometimes they start a load of laundry downstairs, but the washer and dryer in their bathroom is not currently hooked up. It’s pretty much the same system we’ve always had. They sort, I wash and fold. It all happens in the downstairs laundry room.

Do all 4 of you still snuggle in front of the TV like you did in the ‘old’ house?

Yes. It’s a tight fit, but we like to be cozy. The former owners left a large ottoman that has seen better days, but now we can all put our feet up. If you don’t want to snuggle, we do have the little green chairs I got off Craigslist last year.

Are you going to have a vegetable garden this year?

I would like to have a vegetable garden. We have had one for over 15 years. This will be the first time in our married lives that we haven’t had fruit to pick from our own trees… We finally have a lot of space and light for a garden and some fruit trees. The problem is, we haven’t figured out where to put them, and we have a lot of projects needing attention. In order to have a garden, we need some paths for easier access from the garage or stairs down to the meadow. I have been looking through the seed catalogs, and a trip to Flower World can’t be far in the future–maybe April.

Where to put the garden?

My sweet, handsome man did bring the currant and blueberry bushes from our last place.  He planted them down by the tennis court. Perhaps we’ll play a few matches and then enjoy a snack this summer.

There are some things about the old house that I miss.

I miss our well-defined paths and planting beds.

It took us 13 years to get it the way we wanted; 2 months isn’t enough time to figure it all out. I am learning patience and gratitude.

And now for some questions about the dog:

Where does Bogart’s cage reside?

Bogart’s box is in the laundry room where the former owners had their tanning bed. He never goes in his box. It’s way too far away from all the action.

His box is empty 95% of the time.

Along the same lines, Bogart eats his meals in the laundry room by the shower.  I didn’t design this house, don’t ask me why there’s a shower in the laundry room.

Where would he like it to reside?

More often than not, Bogart likes to hang out on the main floor with us. The heated floors are pretty cool.

He does have a comfy bean bag chair he likes to snooze on at night and sometimes during the day.When we leave, he usually heads upstairs to his chair.

The push doors give him easy access to the garage; and on more than one occasion, we have returned home at night to find him there. More accurately, I open the garage door to have a black demon come racing out at me into the night in a frenzy–it’s a little exciting. He also gets stuck in the garage now and then. Being the smart dog or the scaredy cat he is, I’m not sure which, he starts howling. The youngest and her friends thought we had a coyote in the garage.  It is a rather mournful sound.

When the workmen come, Bogart sports his stylish shock color. Putting him in the master bedroom has become the optimal choice. He’s too close to the action in the laundry room. Upstairs he has easy access to the garage and the circuit breakers, something workers need and dogs need to stay away from.

Evidently the top of the transom did not allow him enough view, so he is above the transom now?

Any dog worth his salt is going to want to check out the view.  Sometimes you have to tip your head up and sometimes you have to tip your head down, if that leaves a few smudges on the windows que sera sera.

I got down on dog level for this photo. We lucked out. The casements around the lower windows obscure some of the dog slime.

Where does he go to when he wants out?

Bogart was afraid to go out on the deck when we first moved in.  He would only go out the front doors where you can see the ground and get down to business.  He also preferred to have the light on.  It’s only light for 8 hours a day during the winter in the Northwest. I am thankful that you can teach an old dog new tricks.  Bogart has decided two flights of stairs down to a meadow is actually a pretty great place for a dog to go.  He likes the doors off the kitchen.

Notice the towel for dirty paws.

He is now learning that if he goes to one of the other doors out to the deck near someone, he gets to go out or come in quicker. We haven’t had a problem with him wandering off.

Well, I hope my answers make sense.  Give me a holler if you have more questions, I’m sure I’ll either know the answer or have fun making something up.


2 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want to Know

  1. I feel quite honored to have received a blog with all my questions answered. Thank you!! Who uses the built in desk in the kitchen, and why doesn’t Derrick use it? Think that is probably the last question I have…………………well, maybe not. MKB

    • The built-in desk in the kitchen is much smaller than Derrick’s desk. He likes a large work space. I have files in the drawer and have my things in that space. One of your earlier questions I didn’t understand was about the “appliance garage” next to the second sink in the kitchen. I have tall bottles of olive oil and vinegar in it as well as my grease can and some random pieces of candy.

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