The Bed is King

Two days after Christmas as I packed my worldly things, I received a strange text, “The Bed is King.” What does this mean? OK, so we were in the midst of moving into our new place. We had friends and family helping move furniture, boxes and everything big or small.

Did our mattress knock someone down? There was a fight and the mattress won? Sweet Mister, why are you so cryptic?

Turns out the built-in bed at the new house is a king. The previous owners did leave their old mattress behind, but that just seemed icky. Our queen-size mattress was going to be a little small, but it’d do the trick for now.

The smaller mattress left about a foot of space on each side.

Neither me nor the Mister are particularly large people. We were perfectly comfortable sharing a queen-sized bed, but it did look odd. And coupled with the steps up to the bed, it was quite awkward to get in and out of. I did become an expert at opening the side compartment, where I keep my slippers, with the back of my leg as I hitched myself to the edge of the bed and launched myself out each morning. Moms pride themselves on multi-tasking.

So Sunday we went shopping and bought a new mattress. After 20 years, I guess it was about time. We tried out quite a few models in the showroom. We like a firm mattress and are hoping this new one will help us get a good night’s sleep. We ended up buying a Serta iComfort Revolution Mattress. It has high owner satisfaction and a 25-year warranty. To read all about it check out

Tuesday afternoon, after I’d had a chance to run to town for new sheets, a burly man about as wide as he was tall showed up in a really big truck. The fellow from Red Carpet Delivery Service was amazing. He carried that new mattress all by himself from the truck to my front door on his head and shoulders–he was stout. Another fellow helped him carry it through the house and put it on the platform for me. They grabbed the former owners’ mattress from the storage room and with some tight manuevering headed out. Isn’t it beautiful?

The first night, I had trouble sleeping. The reviews mentioned a problem with off-gassing. It may have been that or just too many things undone on my to-do list. The next day, I made those phone calls, sent those emails, and got a much better night’s sleep. Here it is all prettied up.

You may have noticed the bed side lamps are different. These are the third set of lamps we’ve had since moving in. The original lamps would n longer hang straight. Although positionable, they chose to determine that position. I do understand how once you reach a certain age, you have your own will.

The next lights were from our old room. They were so cute, but they had a post that bumped into the bed frame and threw them out of whack. They also were plug-in lamps that added wires and made two of our 23 light switches obsolete. That is not a typo. Yes, we have 23 light switches in our master suite: next to the door, on the headboard, in the closets, and in the WC. I’m so off topic…

Last week, my sweet, handsome man brought home these lights from Lowes. They are simple, the chrome sparkles against the navy, and they’re meant to be wired in. I believe they’re keepers.

I picked up the sparkly, silver tea light holders at Z Gallerie. They were on clearance, and I loved the scale for the fireplace mantle. While the size worked, the silver fought with the copper wall hanging. I like them on the headboard so much better. Don’t worry–it’s been a while since we’ve had an earthquake, but I’ve got Quake Hold museum putty to keep them from falling on our heads as we sleep.

The pillow is from West Elm. All the pretty blues and grays set off with white and silver. I hope it will become the inspiration for the whole room. The Mister is worried our room will get too dark–it remains undecided what we will do with the rest of the walls, but the light situation is next on our to-do list. Sunrise is getting earlier and earlier.

I’ve hung old curtain panels on tension rods in the bathroom for privacy.

Here’s the view from the driveway.

And here’s the view of the driveway.

I’d like something pretty that controls light and doesn’t constantly block the view. Always something to do…

Here are a few photos to showcase the really cute tea light holders and make sure it all makes sense.

They’re multifaceted with silver on the inside–very glitzy!

7 thoughts on “The Bed is King

  1. Ooooooooooooooooo, I love everything!!!!! Shutters anyone for light and privacy? We like our “pure white” ones, and they are easy to clean, not like the blinds. D’Layne likes her’s as well. They even come in silver! Your mattress is awesome!!! Glad you are sleeping better. I could not really see the I could not really see the silver tea light holders. However, we will be up there in June so I can wait, or maybe not.Did the guest room get the queen mattress? Good for you, we have been married 49 years, and are on our 2nd mattress. May your second mattress bring you as much happiness as the first. MeeMee

  2. Hope you “grow into” the memory foam! About three years ago I switched from an old Ikea futon (that I bought when I moved to California “until I get settled here…. and finally after 8 years I upgraded) to a nice queen sized memory foam mattress. The warranty said you HAD TO sleep on it for 30 days before you could return it, to make sure you gave yourself time to adjust. Oddly enough, I hated it for about 27 days and was all set to take it back, but I woke up on the 28th day after the best night of sleep in years and have never looked back. It works great for us now because Scott’s practically nocturnal, so he gets me to sleep then gets back up and comes back to bed around 2am, and I frequently get up first, and the movement is isolated so we don’t wake each other up too much.

    The place looks great!

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