A Gift of Spring

That clump of weeds next to the driveway was hiding this glorious gift of Spring.

These golden blooms brighten my day as I drive up to the house.

The other side of the road is chaos–a turbulent mix of overgrown bushes, weeds and dried grass. Sometimes you just have to focus on the beauty.

The Mister and I have tried to tame this wildness.

While we got rid of a lot of the grasses, weeds and branches, we revealed a bunch of moss… With a little more sun, and time, we will battle this area into shape.

Instead of getting bogged down trying to tame all this wildness, the Mister attacked a more doable project last weekend. He added some beauty to the planter boxes surrounding the front door.

The planter box to the right of the door featured a dead palm tree.  This is Washington State.  I’m not sure how practical palm trees are, but we added another one rather than pull out the other three.

Sprucing up the planters by the front door, offers a welcoming feel to visitors. It’s like sweeping the front porch or adding a new doormat.

Some day we’ll conquer the chaos; but for now, we’ll enjoy our little victories.

**Oops! After responding to Mary Kay, I was duly impressed with her eye sight. How can she see black tubes, in the corner of a picture in the shadows? I was wrong. They do have some sort of planter for each individual bush and then more dirt around it all. I’d go investigate more, but it’s blustery and stormy outside and I’m still in my PJ’s. Here’s another photo to help show what I’m talking about. Note: the black tubing is almost invisible.**


3 thoughts on “A Gift of Spring

  1. Beautiful, simply beautiful!! I had forgotten that there were planters by the door. Also, is the hedge along the house, planted in little pots in the ground. Very nice!! Good job with those little victories.

    • The hedges flanking the front of the house are in narrow planting beds. The plastic you see on the ground is tubing for a sprinkler system that wasn’t completed. We have random tubes sticking out in the planting beds encircling the portico.

      The Mister shaped up the hedges over a month ago. They are actually camellia bushes. Just a few buds were left after the heavy pruning, but I’m looking forward to seeing them in bloom.

      Maybe I should do a post on all the little things we did before this blog started.

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