Things that Make You Smile

Sometimes in all the busyness of life, I forget to take time for a little joy and happiness. One thing that reminds me is this sign from one of my favorite people.

My Sweet Miss gave this to me a few years ago for Christmas. I’ve hung it in my closet. Every day as I’m getting dressed, I am reminded that I am loved and that I have some wonderful people in my life. Sweet Miss will be off to college next year, but this reminds me of her, how much I love her and how blessed I am.

We’ve filled our home with wonderful things that bring memories of our lives and the people we share them with. They are far from perfect, but we love them anyways.

What bookcase would be complete without a flying hippo whistle?

Baby Girl's hippo was one of the few in the class that actually whistled.

We’ve also showcased Baby Girl’s sun-themed reliquary jar–sans ashes and souls.

Last summer we had the joy of vacationing with the Mister’s parents and six high school girls. Crammed into a two-bedroom condo, it was a bit crazy and oh so fun. One of the extras made us this thank you note that never fails to make me smile.

Ages ago, I was the art docent for Baby Girl’s kindergarten class. I had the kids arrange apples on little plastic plate. This was her creation. I’ve loved it for years.

What better place to keep your change than a piggy bank made especially for you? Thank you Sweet Miss. I saw a similar one for sale on One King’s Lane this week.

We’ve encouraged Baby Girl’s desire to be an artist. This is another early creation.

When they were little, the girls and I would make father’s day presents for the Mister. They made this beach-themed frame to remember a fun weekend away.

The Mister and I went to Venice for our 10th anniversary. One day we left the crowds behind and toured the Island of Murano. The little, old glass blower who made this vase signed it for us. It reminds me of the man I love and a wonderful time in our lives.

While there are more beautiful vases, finer pottery, sleeker frames, and more-skilled paintings, these things bring me joy. They tell my story, and they make me smile. Isn’t that what life should be about? We could all use a little whimsy.


5 thoughts on “Things that Make You Smile

  1. Our home is filled with special kid treasures and artwork as well. I would have it no other way 🙂 Great post … you are a beautiful writer!

  2. Very poetic and introspective, and grateful for the life you have chosen for yourself. It shows every day, in everything you do. You are a perfect example of calm, peace and love. Those of us who know you are fortunate. Thank you, MK

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