Let’s Get Yarn Bombing

I drove by this whimsical display of yarn at a local park a few weeks ago.

It’s so cheerful and bright. Don’t you love all that color? This definitely makes me smile. Just around the corner, I saw another great example of yarn bombing.

These cozy columns got my wheels a turning. I have yarn–lots of yarn–leftover bits from all those projects over the years.


In case you’re wondering, yes, I do color code my yarn…

With all that yarn, why not add a little cheer to our big white house?

These trees need some cozy stripes.

We have so much white deck railing and posts. Aren’t they screaming for color?

I’ve been busy with my knitting needles and before long, it’ll be a more colorful world…

Here’s the first of our columns all prettied up.

It adds so much color and life to the portico. When people drive up, they’ll know the people who live here don’t take themselves too seriously. We love the lighter side of life. Isn’t it great?

OK, OK, you got me. April Fools! I know it’s April 2, but I like my weekends off.

I do love yarn, I do love the whimsy of a yarn bombed public park, but it’s not going to happen here. My friend Paige said that when decorating a home, everyone should have the right to veto something. The Mister would definitely veto this… And I’d prefer to snuggle up under a blanket or in a new sweater rather than clothe a tree with my handiwork.

We did get back from a soccer game on Sunday afternoon to find that Sweet Miss had been busy. I was distracted and thought somehow I’d knocked over the desk chair when I picked up my purse, then I looked around.

Hope you had a fun-filled April Fool’s Day with only kind-hearted pranks.


One thought on “Let’s Get Yarn Bombing

  1. What a fun thing to do! I have never hear of anyone doing that before! She is one very crazy and cleaver girl! Happy April Fools Day!

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