Toilets Were Never Meant To Be Blue

You’ve heard of Team Edward or Team Jacob? Well, I’m wondering if you are Classic White Toilet or Weird, Funky, Crazy-Colored Toilet?

Can you guess which camp I’m in?

We moved in over Christmas Break. The girls were home and the Mister had vacation time from work. We had lots of time to get our new home organized. Then everyone went back to school and work, and I was home alone in the woods. I heard a noise. There it was again. What was that?

It was my crazy blue toilet randomly flushing all day long. I turned off the water and made an out of order sign. We do have four toilets on the main floor in this house. Two off of bedrooms, one in the middle of the laundry room and the easily accessible one which was out of order. The Mister got busy.

Can you tell he’s very handy, and very motivated? He stopped at Home Depot on the way home and bought a basic white toilet. He installed–it leaked. He installed it–it leaked. He installed it–it leaked. Do you notice a pattern? Sometimes it’s not me; it’s you.

Our new basic white toilet was defective. So off we went to the hardware store. It was the Mister’s birthday, so you might call it a festive outing. He showed me the toilet he liked, and the toilet he’d bought. It’s your birthday. You’ve spent the last few weeks installing a defective toilet during your free time. Live a little, buy the one you like. He installed it flawlessly. I told you he’s very capable.

Here’s our lovely white toilet. It does not flush randomly and is not some crazy color.

The window is simply etched glass, but the daylight in the background makes it appear quite bright.

I wish I’d taken a picture of the blue one, but sadly we got rid of it before I started this blog. It spent a few weeks in the side yard–I was a little worried. But the Mister took a sledge hammer to it; he really hated that toilet and sent it away with the trash pick up.

Unfortunately, this tale is not over. We are now left with an obnoxious blue sink. It’s in a narrow, randomly-shaped space, kind of an elongated hexagon. A square vanity, like we had in our old house, would add to the number of angles and corners (11 corners in this bathroom) in a very small space. A simple white pedestal sink would work, but it leaves no place to put a towel rack. We probably could hang a rack on the mirrored walls… This is yet another room we haven’t quite figured out how to finish.

Seen any great round vanities lately? Would you remove all the mirrors and just have a simple framed one over the sink? How do you like the baby blue sponge-painting? What color would you paint it?


3 thoughts on “Toilets Were Never Meant To Be Blue

  1. It is possible to paint ceramic a different color, and paint over all that blue. I am going to buy some wallpaper soon and tear it and put it up in Larry’s little bathroom. Think it will be foil type of wallpaper. Look into painting the sink, as it is cute.

    • You’re right it’s not a bad shape. We could sell it on Craigslist and get a similar one in white. Or paint it like you suggested. But that still doesn’t address the storage issue. Thanks for thinking outside the box.

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