Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home

I remember as a child running through the backyard, spying a ladybug, catching it and singing a morbid song of house on fire and children burning… Sometimes idyllic childhood memories turn out to be rather disturbing.

In the same way, ladybugs have lost their charm. They like my windows and have come here to die. There’s nothing charming about dead bugs.

I was frustrated at first. Was this just another sign I need to sweep more often? I turned to my friend Google and came away with tons of useful information.

Apparently, ladybugs are attracted to white homes, sunshine and a southern exposure. Wow, we have all three. Our house was vacant for about nine months, so little pests had plenty of time to make themselves at home. Ladybugs know a good spot when they see it, so they go ahead and mark it for future generations. Hmm, we may be in this for the long haul.

I did come away with some good news, my infestation is quite mild. The poor people I read about online were battling thousands of ladybugs. Bugs dive-bombed them as they sat down to read at night and landed on them in the shower. These people called in exterminators and pumped their walls full of poison.

I decided sometimes I get worked up over very little. I have a lovely handmade whisk broom, my parents bought for the Mister at a craft fair in Missouri ages ago.

I have appropriated it as the perfect tool for battling ladybugs. Sweeping up a dozen a day is quite doable.

If I ever have ladybugs dive bombing me at night or in my shower. It’ll be a different story.


4 thoughts on “Ladybug, Ladybug, Fly Away Home

  1. For me, it is better to have lady bugs than gnats and flies, which is what we have on Shaw Island. Count your blessings.

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