Bit by Bit

Even seemingly insurmountable tasks can be accomplished bit by bit.
The Mister has been creating order out of chaos in the garage.

If everything has a place, it’s much more likely to get there. I’m loving an organized tool bench. The toolbox was on the floor with a bunch of boxes for a few months. So glad my sweet handsome man put it all together.
In the main garage, we are attempting to organize our collection of shoes. With two teenage girls, it’s a little tricky. Girls do love there shoes.

With just two months before our summer guests arrive. I have the formidable task of turning the sewing/dump-everything-you-don’t-know-what-to-do-with room into the guest bedroom.
When we first moved in it looked something like this.


I have worked on it from time to time, but there always seems to be something else on my to-do list. Currently, it’s in a slightly-improved sewing room mode. And I have been organizing my stash of fabric, yarn, and half finished projects.
For Easter this year, I wrapped the girls present in cloth bags and envelopes that I made from leftover fabric. The girls immediately remembered the pj’s I made for them over 10 years ago. I used up fabric and made a new memory for all of us.

So bit by bit, I’m using up my stores and putting the room together. Of course two months is going to go by quickly. We need to set up our old bed, see if the wall sconces can be replaced with our old black sconces, and somehow find space for craft and sewing things in the guest room, or the room off the garage, or the hall storage closet…
I will keep you posted and your job will be to keep me on task. When guests come to visit, how do you prepare? Do you have a guest room all fixed up or do you have to make a room function for multiple uses?


4 thoughts on “Bit by Bit

  1. Oh dear, I thought you were sewing in the s”sunnier” room off the garage since the guest bedroom was the darkest room in the house. Oh it is sad that we will once again be an inconvenience in your ‘special room’. What can we do to not have that happen?

    • While sewing in the sunny room off the garage is the vision, it’s a long way from happening. It just takes some planning and organization. We are expecting overnight guests in May, so we’ll have a trial run in a few weeks. It will all be wonderful, eventually.

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