Parting is Such Sweet Sorry

The Cacti are leaving. One by one, they’re riding off to school each morning, and I’m in heaven. Perhaps it’s the space this opens up for decorating, or that I’ll no longer be poked when opening windows, or the whole absurdity of the situation, but this is great.

Doesn't Baby Girl look happy to be helping her mom?
For those of you who don’t know, a wide assortment of cacti were a gift of the house–many strange and bizarre things were left behind and “gift of the house” is my euphemism for all the junk we inherited. We found 14 cacti to be exact scattered throughout the main floor. They ranged in size from a few inches to over 5 feet tall. It’s hard to ignore a 5-foot tall cactus. This is not Arizona. What were they thinking?

A month ago, I had a fabulous–if I do say so myself–brainstorm. FFA is having a plant sale; why not donate the cacti? Sweet Miss has been an active member of Future Farmers of America for four years now. She’s had many fun opportunities and learned a lot through the experience of competing and working with FFA. And now Baby Girl has joined. They will both be competing at State in a few weeks. This is my chance to give back and get rid of the hated cacti. It’s all good.

So while other mothers might run after their children with forgotten lunches, I run after them with another dreaded cactus. They only have to take one a day; I’m trying to make it easy on them. I’m not sure how they’ll manage the large ones, but they’re smart girls, they’ll figure it out. I have offered the use of the minivan, but no one’s taken me up on it.

Thank you girls for going along with your mother’s crazy ideas.

If you’re local, the FFA Plant Sale is Thursday, April 26 and May 3, from 3-6 pm, Friday, April 27 and May 4, from 3-6 pm, and Saturday, April 28 and May 5 from 9 am-3 pm in the FFA Greenhouse behind Cedarcrest High School.  They have beautiful baskets, bedding plants, vegetable starts, and this year a wonderful assortment of cacti–check out it. Tell Mrs. Thomas I sent you.


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