Box Bonanza

I’ve been working on the craft room this week. Who doesn’t want a killer space with a view like this?

I can’t control the weather, so the skies are a little gray…it’s April in the northwest. But trust me, when the skies are blue, you can’t help but be inspired.

Unfortunately, the room is filled with all the stuff we don’t know what to do with. We have a flying saucer lamp, random shelves, a bed, filing cabinets, plants on their last leg, 1,000 cranes mobile and boxes–lots and lots of boxes.

When we finished unpacking a box, we’d just put it in the storage room off the garage. Now that it’s being transformed into the craft room, I am no longer willing to give up perfectly good floor space to a box full of boxes. Recycle picks up only every other week; getting rid of these boxes was a problem.

Oh, the power of Facebook. When one friend needed boxes to move, another friend of mine mentioned that her storage business accepts old boxes after the move. This friend in turn sells them to other people who are moving. It’s a little bit like musical boxes, but I get rid of my junk and help out a friend. I love a win-win situation.

So Baby Girl and I headed down for a visit to the lovely people at Carnation Storage to drop off our second round of boxes and free up a little floor space.

They also accept those air pillow packets and bubble wrap that help protect packages. I’ve donated packing material to my local shipping store, too. It’s nice to keep these things out of the landfill and lend a hand to local businesses.

I have a lot more shuffling to do before the craft room is truly inspirational, but I see progress, lovely progress.

Have you ever donated anything to a local business? How do you try to live green? What do you do with all those things you’re no quite sure what to do with? 


2 thoughts on “Box Bonanza

  1. Yes, recycling is fantastically empowering! I am known as the ‘queen of the yard sale’ in our small town. Of course I get lots of donations from well-heeled woman who have moved here to retire, and are down sizing. My yearly sales go to local women of all ages who want to continue their education. It is a one day sale from 7:00 AM to noon. Anything that is not sold by that time, is split between the Food Bank Thrift Store, and their sales go to buy food for the Food Bank. And the Methodist Church for their yard sale, always a couple of weeks after mine. It all stays in the community, and is always at the same time, and sales are always really high for all 3 of our functions, I think because the community always know they are getting good and quality items. This year’s sales even included selling our neighbor’s cute BMW sports car, for which we were given a very nice donation to our coffers! And we made enough to give 3 women $500 scholarships. Oh, we took the left over hangers to the local cleaners. Yippee!

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