They’re Here

Sometimes I am oblivious to the world. When my dad turned 40, my mom threw a surprise party for him. She left the garage door open, and while he sat upstairs and read a book, hoards of people filed into the basement. He didn’t hear a thing.

While I hope I’m not that far gone, I do have his genes. When our friend John came a day early to gravel the drive (check out the whole story here), he was in our driveway for hours before I noticed. I’m sure the dump trucks full of gravel were on stealth mode.

Anyways, my sweet, handsome man knows me and my foibles and decided to help me out. He bought a sensor for the driveway that will tip me off when someone is approaching. It’s activated by metal rather than movement, so I won’t think company is coming when a couple of deer are going for a stroll.

Along with the sensor, he bought me a doorbell. The front door is not easily viewed from the rest of the house.

We have a large entry area, but it’s blocked by the fireplace.

So when company is coming, I keep wandering around the corner anticipating their arrival. Sweet Miss’ friends have taken to just letting themselves in with a shout of greeting. It beats standing on the porch for who knows how long.

We did have a doorbell; it just didn’t work. The transformer is in the top of the coat closet and seemed to work fine, but we never found the actual unit that chimed. We searched. One of the contractor’s said they’re usually near the door, up high–that’s how I happened to find the transformer. So the Mister bought a wireless bell and installed it this weekend. Now when visitors come, we will welcome them properly.

And now just because I shared two less than exciting photos, here’s one that might show you why I’m not paying attention to the driveway or the door.

I love how the sunrise paints the sky and tints Mt. Rainier with a touch of pink.


3 thoughts on “They’re Here

  1. And I thought I was the only one who stands around wondering. We like to spend a lot of time out back on the patio however, we cannot hear the doorbell out back. We have tried to install one out there, but for some reason a ‘wireless’ bell would not do it, yet anyway, we haven’t tried again for a while..So glad you have a handy “sweet mister” who is able to fix everything. Good genes I do believe. Super wonderful pictures, can’t wait till June. Love, Theo

    • I am lucky to have such a capable Mister. Bells sounded as the girls drove off to school this morning, so it’s really working. You have to get up really early in June to enjoy the sunrise, perhaps we’ll watch the sunset from the deck instead.

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