When we saw this house online, we knew it was not us. It was way to modern–look at all that white. We lived in a two-story craftsmen with lovely granite and hardwoods.

We drove up and said hmm; we came in and said wow. The peaceful view of the valley is amazing. That view is showcased by a continuous wall of windows that lets in an incredible amount of light.

Like half the residents of western Washington, I have low vitamin D, so I’m loving all that sunshine. It makes me a little happier and a little healthier.

But light comes with its own set of problems. The teal colored carpet was once emerald green. I found a huge stain when we moved in, and then I realized it was simply where the old furniture had sat. The tan footstool, left by the original owners, started off as federal blue. I see light-colored upholstery and carpeting in the future.

While our old home was much smaller, we had plenty of room for artwork. Now all of the outside walls are filled with windows and the inside walls are bathed in light. If the sun does that to the carpet, what will it do to our paintings and pictures?

We have hung most of our artwork in the entry area which gets very little light.

It’s sad that we don’t get to enjoy our art as much, but I’d hate for these prints and paintings to fade away to nothing. We could switch out the glass for UV filtering panes. I need to check out the cost and availability.

While these paintings and prints have found a home, we still have boxes of drawings, prints, and pictures waiting to be placed somewhere. So today, I grabbed hammer and nail and took matters into my own hands. This hallway runs from the kitchen to the garage and the girls’ wing. It was looking mighty bare.

This is the perfect place for some colorful art. Sweet Miss drew our family back when I was taller than my children–it’s been a year or two. The chalkboard is actually an old frame we were storing in the garage. I bought chalkboard contact paper and some colorful chalk, and now I can leave messages for the girls when they get home from school. A chalkboard is harder to lose than a slip of paper…

I bought this large Lisa Weedn piece last year, because I love the sentiment. I want my family to know they are loved when they come home each day.

Artwork just makes a space feel more personal. I think our bedroom could use a lift.

Have you had to deal with bright, sun-lit spaces? How did you protect your furniture, floors and art work? What is hanging on your walls?


2 thoughts on “Adjusting

  1. Oh wow, I don’t remember the house pictures in the entry! Beautiful. So glad about the chalk board in the hall. I always wanted to paint a whole wall with chalkboard paint. The smaller one is much more tasteful. Great idea!

    • Nello gave us those paintings for Christmas of the old church and the parsonage that’s since been torn down to make room for the new library. They are part of his series of town landmarks in complementary colors.

      I’m still toying with the idea of chalkboard paint on one of the walls upstairs. Maybe we can do some painting when you arrive.

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