Where to Begin

I’m always surprised when I run into people who know my house. A mom from the volleyball club underwrote our loan. She saw pictures. “What a beautiful place.”

A fellow at church wanted to know if we lived in the big, modern, white house. He inspected the electrical work out here and made sure his wife came along so she could see it.

Then there’s the lady from the county who just laughed when I tried to get our assessed value down to what we paid for this place rather than what they have on the books.  “I have pictures,” she said. “You got a great deal.”

All these people love the house and are captivated by the view, and I agree with them 100 percent. But…

While it’s a beautiful space, it is 20 years old and it needs more than a little work.

Last week was a banner week. We closed on the sale of our old house, and now we will get busy on some of the major problems of our new place.

What you need a little paint? Maybe some new carpet? Your furniture doesn’t work? Oh no, those are the easy fixes, we have more critical things needing our attention.

These aren’t surprises; we went into this with eyes wide open. Sometimes it’s still a little overwhelming; and like a dropped stitch in a sweater, it just keeps unraveling.

One reason we got such a great deal on this place was the condition of the siding. The proper flashing wasn’t installed around all those windows, so now we have water damage.

You can see where the water runs down from the windows on the girls’ wing.

Someone tried to power wash the siding and damaged it further. Just take a look.

Along with the siding issues, the paint is flaking and the door frames are decaying throughout the house. A screw driver should never do this.

In case you’re worried. This is a picture from our home inspection not me further damaging the door frame.

The Mister has scraped paint, sanded and touched up around the doors, but fixing the siding seemed to be our top priority. So he called out a siding guy to come take a look. While the siding needs work, that can’t happen until the deck gets fixed.

I’m thankful it’s not the upper deck which wraps around most of the main floor, but the lower deck in need of help. Water has been collecting around the hot tub and now we have rotten wood that needs to be replaced.

All that water has also caused the soffit underneath the deck to collapse.

Here’s the full effect.

This is not the look we’re going for. And what’s truly frightening is how quickly conditions can plummet. The soffit was still intact last August when we had the home inspected, and now it’s lying on the ground.

While I like to focus on changes that make the house more beautiful and functional for me, I have to give priority to work that will keep it standing. We are expecting a detailed bid for the deck repair later this week. I’m hoping the work can start soon.

Once the deck is repaired, we can start on the siding. Then there’s painting. We need to get rid of the rust on the handrails.

This is just a short list of some things that need to happen outside. Just wait till we get to the list for the inside. And I didn’t even talk about the landscaping and plans we have for the property. Our to-do list extends for miles.

The Mister hates it when I show the ugly side of our home, so I’ll end this with a picture of my view today.

Even Bogart loves the view.

What’s on your list for this spring? Do you have major renovations planned? How about a new garden or a room redo? I’d love to hear what you’re up to.


5 thoughts on “Where to Begin

  1. Been there, done that, and survived.
    Remember when you and your handsome Mister married? The day before the wedding, there was a flood in the basement, due to ‘human error’, and all the furniture in the storage room was put outside on the basement deck, and big fans were brought in to dry out the extra thick carpet and pad. We had 75+ people for an after wedding party to our house, and people were all over the house, as well as on the upper deck. The following week after 15 people who had been staying with us, in the house, left, a friend came over and wanted to see all the basement stuff out on the lower deck. She stepped out on the deck and fell to her knees. When she came up stairs, she was a mess, but had thankfully SAVED HER WINE GLASS. The next morning we looked outside, and the upper deck, and the lower deck were tilting drastically toward the outer edge of the entire deck………….which extended almost the whole width of the back of the house.
    The person who had built the decks, had NOT used treated wood, so after years of being wet, from Everett’s lack of sun, and lots of rain, and living in the woods, and then having heavy storage ‘stuff’ put on the lower deck, the whole thing had collapsed, when this little teeny lady had put one foot on the lower deck.
    When we moved into the house, there was NO sewer hook-up, and one bathroom, no flooring anywhere and all the windows needed sanding and painting and the house wiring was not completed. We had 49 windows in that house, all double pained, and most of the seals in the 20 years of living there had given way and needed to be replaced, which at one point became a yearly chore.
    Because we were landscapers, we had a fleet of trucks and equipment that needed housing, so 2 months after moving in, we built a 2 story garage that looked like, and was the same size of the house. Talk about stretched for money, and time to do all the work.We also had to change and upgrade the heating ducts, heat pumps etc.
    Now, that was the longest time we had stayed in a house, 20 years. We have now been in this house for 12 years. However, prior to the Everett house, we had lived in, remodeled, and sold 9 houses in 18 years, plus had several rentals that constantly needed work. Enough said, but there is plenty more to talk about………………..
    I do not negate your feelings of the long list of ‘to do’s. I just want you to know that you don’t have to live with the feeling of being ‘over whelmed’. Take each day, and be thankful for the adventure and know that these ‘blogs’ will be delighting others, as well as your and your family, for years to come. “It will all work out, you are up for it, you are all healthy, and you ‘don’t have toddlers’ to chase”. And with all the country side knowing about your home, you have lots of support of ‘good cheer’ from litterlly hundreds of people. Atta girl!!!!!
    Oh, Oh, I kind of got carried away. :o)

  2. We too have need to replace siding as soon as possible. Hopefully a rental house is getting sold soon, and that is our next priority. We aren’t falling down yet, but definately understand how things can quickly go. About 3 1/2 years ago we had a fire, so fortunately the inside has been recently re-done and I love it! The one area we would like to totally re-do is the basement. We have high hopes of it being the game/sports room of the century for the man. But it is on the back burner for awhile longer.

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