Looking Back–February & March

A look back. This picture has nothing to do with this post, but my last entry featured ugly, faded carpet, so I figured we could all use a little beauty.

A friend asked if I was still doing my blog–I was surprised. Then she asked, “What do you write about?”

Now that’s a really good question. Sometimes I look back at the post titles and can’t for the life of me remember what they’re about, but I did think those titles were really clever when I wrote them down. I usually write about what’s happening right now–I’m not very patient, and I’m rather transparent. You’ll usually know what I’m thinking and what I’m excited about at the moment.

That being said, I thought I’d take a look back at the first few months and offer some updates. One of my first posts was about getting rid of stuff. Well, we’ve done a pretty good job of that. I sent 11 cacti to school for the FFA Plant Sale. Some of them they kept, a few of them they sold and we’re down to just two cacti and one gigantic plant from the former owners. My mother-in-law did say she wanted a cactus; the other one is diseased and will find its way outside. The dracaena is about 10-feet tall. It may have grown on us.

Notice the comfy chair has found a new home.

When I talked about how the house was arranged, I showed a quiet reading spot. Well, we got rid of the chair under the plant. A friend’s daughter was moving out and needed furniture, and we were able to give her some of the random chairs that came with the house. I’d like to move the overflow office stuff to this area.

We still haven’t painted the rest of the master bedroom, so the crazy faux finishing lives on. We are leaning towards painting the rest of the room gray with the navy focus wall and white trim.  We’re totally enjoying the new mattress. That memory foam is quite comfy. I’ve purchased three bedspreads so far. Did you know bedspreads are crazy expensive? They all were slightly off color wise, so I’ve taken two of them back and I’m still thinking about that third one. For now, we’re making do with what we have, and I have my eye out for new artwork over the bed.

We are  enjoying the sunshine, but it is getting a little toasty around here. I spent the afternoon with a window covering specialist yesterday. When it gets into the 70’s outside, it can get into the 90’s inside. We are looking at options. Meanwhile, my plumeria continues to bloom, and we’ve got two more oranges ready to harvest. That makes a whopping total of five. We’ll have an orange grove before you know it.

The new appliances are great. I like the added sparkle of the stainless in the kitchen and the simple fact that they work. The microwave does need an extra push to make sure the door is closed–otherwise it won’t turn on and people get really frustrated. The dishwasher may be a touch noisier than I’d like, but my dishes come out nice and clean.

While some people won’t take my junk, I have been working on some paper crafts using those Reader’s Digest Condensed Books that we found here. So what do you think?  Do these look like roses? My girls gave mixed reviews.

As you can see, I continue to enjoy my share of quirky.

Now let’s go ahead and move outside. The new gravel for the driveway is wonderful. And the MR with his French drain and hard work has totally annihilated the gigantic puddle. Next time we get gravel, packing it down wouldn’t be a bad idea. Rumor has it that people speed on the driveway when they’re late for school which makes for a bumpy road at the base of the hill. Live and learn.

As far as the landscaping, most of the bulbs have faded, but we continue to tame the wild. We’ve added some more plants around the front door and along the driveway.

So yes, I’m still writing my blog. Looking back makes me excited about how far we’ve come. I hope you’re enjoying the ride.


2 thoughts on “Looking Back–February & March

  1. Ha! See, I told you so……………that you would be so happy to see the progress of your adventures in your new home, by re-reading your own blogs!!! I too have mixed feelings about the Reader Digest roses, think more with longer stems in vase might make a difference, but what caught my attention is the tile they were on in the picture. Where is that? Back to the R.D.Books, how about gluing them together kind of in a spiral like you see in magazines for an end table in the “cozy reading area”? It would be fun, get rid of a bunch of them, and be usable till you found something else to use as an end table.
    We are each bringing some old clothes and are ready to offer help any way we can. Ready hugs go without saying. MK

  2. OK, OK, you were right.It’s fun to look back and see all the things we’ve done. The RD roses aren’t in their finished state. The plan is to put them together in a wreath, but I only have about 10, so I have about 200 to go. I thought I’d hang up my unusual art in my craft room, so the MR has no say. I photographed them sitting on the granite coffee table in the living room. Glad you like it Don’t worry, we have lots of weeding and other projects for you when you arrive. :).

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