The Squeaky Wheel

Since I refuse to be represented by a picture of a toilet, you get this beauty instead. The plumeria continues to bloom and has nothing to do with bathrooms.

Sometimes you have a whole list of projects and one of them magically jumps to the top. Well, last week was one of those weeks.

The toilet in the master bath started phantom flushing one night. When we first moved in and the toilet in the powder room had that problem, I simple turned off the water; guests can always use one of the other three bathrooms on the main floor. But that’s not really an option for the master bath, and all that flushing was keeping the MR up at night.

So while a gray toilet isn’t as obnoxious as a light blue toilet (check out the story here), it got the heave-ho much sooner than expected. I came home from my annual Local Yarn Shop Tour with my buddies to find a brand-new toilet in our bathroom.

Here it is in all its glory.

Back in February, the MR and I picked out this model for the powder room. It was easy to install and has a sleek, modern design, so now we have two. I never expected to invite people into my bathroom, but since you’re here take a look at these angles.

Check out that footprint.

There are eight corners in this very tiny room. I’m glad I missed the struggle to get toilets in and out of this space. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be willing to help, but there’s definitely not room for two people. I’d rather get my husband something cold to drink and sooth his nerves after the frustration.

Now let’s take a minute to talk color. While the rest of the house is very white–white walls, white counters, white cabinets, and white moldings–the original owners went a little crazy in the bathrooms. I’m not just referring to gray and baby blue fixtures, I’m talking about the walls. You many have noticed the navy and gray faux finishing in the master. Let’s take a look at the guest bath.

Overnight guests are treated with a green and blue medley.

And let’s take a look back at the powder room.

A soft blue and white decorate the walls of the powder room.

The WC in the master is tiny, and all that dark paint makes it feel almost cave-like. I imagine we will paint over it some day, or maybe we’ll keep it to remember how things were. We have guests due to arrive in three weeks, and my goal is for their room to look warm and welcoming.

I’m not worried about paint. I’m just hoping we are done (I’m using the term “we” loosely) replacing toilets for awhile and can get to other projects on the to-do list.

Have you had any unexpected projects lately? What’s on your to-do list? Should the faux-finishing stay or go?


2 thoughts on “The Squeaky Wheel

  1. Faux-finishing should GO! That is not who you are, and since the word “cave” has crept into your vocabulary, it will remain there as the ‘elephant’ in those multi-unsquare-walled, teeny’ rooms. I do believe moi is the “guest” spoke of coming in three weeks. Just give us a bed, and a little room for our suit cases, and we will be happy to organize the rest with you.

  2. Thanks for being such easy guests. The bed is up and made, but I haven’t quite gotten things cleared out of there–soon. A lighter color in our room especially would be make a big difference. It’s just one of those paint jobs you have to see to believe.

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