Makeover Magic

Sometimes all I need is a cute outfit and a new shade of lipstick, and I’m feeling good.

Well, this sweet little chair was in need of some lipstick in a big way

Granny’s chair reminds us of her, but neither me nor the MR are that old or that traditional. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for a makeover.

So last month at the hardware store, I picked up some spray paint. I read these blogs all the time that talk about how great spray paint is. I’m blown away by their results, and these DIYers say it’s so easy.  I must be doing something wrong. After a few weeks, I began to think of this chair as my nemesis. I first set up outside with a can of primer. It was a beautiful day, the drop cloth was down to keep the grass out of the way, and I started to spray. Well, we live at the top of a hill where the wind is always blowing and this little chair has a lot of curves. I was kneeling, crouching, twisting and turning trying to get spray to cover that chair with all its nooks and crannies.

After several thin coats of primer, it was time to move on to a bright and cheerful shade of green. I got tired of dealing with wind and moved to the garage. Unfortunately, although we have a bunch of fluorescent fixtures, they don’t put off much light. They’re really good at making a horrible noise–think of the clarinet section trying for middle C and achieving total dissonance. I plunged on; I could master this. I brought my bright, new. lovely chair inside and took a look in the light of day–oops, I missed a spot. This happened more times than I like to remember.

Just when I thought I was done, I picked it up and thought eww. Somehow, it was no longer smooth but gritty. Now what? The MR has a bunch of sand paper and kindly offered me a piece. I gently sanded the back of the chair and wiped it down with a microfiber cloth. Now it needed another touch up of paint. Will this saga never end?

When I told Baby Girl,I was taking back my third bedspread because it wasn’t quite the right shade of gray, she told that I was ridiculous. Sometimes all you need is a little tough love from a 15-year-old. OK, so the paint job may not be perfect, but it’s good enough. And we’ve been enjoying a good night’s sleep under that rejected bedspread for a week now. Sometimes I need a reminder to just relax a little.

So here’s what I ended up with.

My cheery little chair.

I wanted a gray or blue geometric print for the seat cushion, but I love this fabric. It reminds me of the West Elm outdoor pillows that look hand-painted. I’m not 100-percent sold on this fabric and chair marriage, but it’s way more our style than this.

My new chair hasn’t found a home yet. It may end up in the entry with its old friend, my grandma’s desk that it’s pictured with above; or it may sit at the built-in kitchen desk. We just need a place that’s looking for a bit of color.

It may be a little bright, but I like it better than the cold metal-framed chair that has been sitting in this spot.

Next time, I might try painting with a brush or roller rather than those silly cans of spray paint. Maybe if I make peach pie, the MR will spray paint for me… You have to admit, it did totally change the look of this chair.

Do you have any furniture makeovers in the works? Do you like this bright chair in the kitchen? Do you have any great spray painting tips? Do you have nicknames for your furniture like “my grandma’s desk”?


8 thoughts on “Makeover Magic

  1. Well, it goes without saying that we LOVE COLOR, and yes, everything we own has a prior-owner name, and/or a good story behind it. Spray paint is good for some things, but acrylic paint and 2 small brushes are so fast.and thorough. Spray paint goes everywhere, and ‘over-spraying’ is not good as it drips, and runs, etc.
    The chair is super wonderful, couple it with a bright green/yellow smallish something with a color found on the chair, to give it a reason for being that color, and call it done………..or paint, or decoupage your grandma’s desk. I know, I know, but you could also use denatured alcohol to take off all that lacquer off and up-date it as well. Have fun, it is a super neat desk that you will never part with, is very functional and cries to be useful…..just like all Grandmas.
    P.S. Thank goodness for kids of all ages to keep we parents REAL. It is a win-win situation……..we validate their opinion and they make us look at ourselves honestly, by pulling no punches. Super Deal!! MeeMee

    • I think I’ll try brushes next time. Too much wind, not enough light, and rainy weather drug out this spray painting thing way to long for me. It’s funny that we have those little nicknames for our furniture. My grandma has been gone for over 20 years, but it’s still her desk… Sometimes I need people in life to tell me I’m losing it–who better than the people who love you.

  2. I have to say I am a pureist. I wanted an old school desk (as in one room school house). One Christmas my husband found one, but thought it needed some help and refinished it. When he was done he realized he went overboard and it looked too good. There had been some words carved in the top he couldn’t completely get out without sanding too much, and he re-carved them back in. All that said, that chair is really cute. I love the fabric and I think it looks great in the kitchen. I will be sad if you touch that desk, but will support any decision you make (lol).

    • I love that your husband carved the words back in. I have plans for some other pieces, but the desk is staying as-is. It brings a sense of history to our oh-so modern house. Thanks for your encouragement.

  3. I really like the chair at the kitchen desk. It adds some bright, fun color to all that white. You can find another chair to go at “Grandma’s desk”. I am looking forward to seeing all of your updates.

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