Filling in the Middle–It’s a Puzzle

Unlike a movie theater, nobody sits in the middle at our house.  We hang out in the kitchen or over by the computer and the TV, but the comfy couches and coffee table are abandoned 90 percent of the time.

I drink my morning coffee, read my Bible and check emails every morning on one of the love seats. I’m always a little surprised, to be honest maybe affronted, when the MR positions himself on the opposite love seat on the weekends. I like my space in the mornings. But that’s the only time this sitting area is used. How did this come to be the formal living room where nobody wants sit?

It has a great view, a place to put a drink, and it’s in the middle of everything. Why does no one want to be here?

Well, one of the reasons might be that it’s not our furniture. All the leather pieces and the coffee table are gifts of the house (just some of the many things the former owners left behind). It may seem strange to keep this furniture that has seen better days; but to be honest, our house would be empty without it. My little flower chair–yes, it’s the same one Olivia Dunham has in her apartment on Fringe cause she has really good taste–would be lost and alone in all this space by itself.

We do have plans for this area someday, but we’ve also agreed that fixing the deck, redoing the siding and upgrading the boiler and heating system should probably take precedence over new furniture. A girl can dream.

Once upon a time, this must have been the gathering place for the former owners. I don’t think I’ve shown you this hidden treasure.

Our projection TV system.

In case you’re wondering, no it doesn’t work. But just for fun, I like to pull out the projector and show people how the screen automatically slides down. I’m sure this was state of the art 20 years ago, but now it’s just another oddity.

So we are back to the question, how to draw people in and make this area more inviting? I was at Joann’s (the fabric store) the other day and may have hit upon the solution–a puzzle. They had this farm puzzle on clearance for $5, and I said why not.

I love puzzles, and for the first time ever, I actually have more than one table in my house. Eating dinner around a jigsaw puzzle is not my idea of a good time. We can leave this out, and people can work on it as they feel led. I like that it features a farm and that our view of the valley shows a dozen farms and plowed fields.

The bright red roofs of Carnation Farm–now Camp Korey–is a landmark of the valley.

I don’t know that this will draw people in, but it’s worth a try. If we all still migrate towards the kitchen or the TV area, I’m OK with that as long as we’re together.

Do you have neglected corners in your house? Where does your family like to spend time together? 


6 thoughts on “Filling in the Middle–It’s a Puzzle

  1. The puzzle is a great idea!!! I think you should get a new projector – that is cool!

    Our old house had a formal living room that we NEVER used. Well maybe once. We just congrated in the family room. When we bought our new to us house 12 years ago, it had a formal living area as well. I got new furniture that was more foo foo, just for looks. We cannot believe how much this room actually gets used. It is the strangest thing. I have no ideas for you, because I have no idea why this room is more used then a similiar room before. The only thing I can come up with is our 70’s house’s different layout. Our house is square. There are openings into each room that lets you go in a circle through the interior. (The kids loved to run in circles through it when they were little.) There are no doors, so it makes it feel like everyone is together, even though we are different rooms.

    Anyway, maybe when you get around to new furniture it will warm it up a bit, and become inviting. It is such a great space. I can see why you would enjoy your mornings there.

    • Call me silly, but I do like to watch the screen dropping down from the ceiling. Maybe we’ll fill in the steps by the fireplace and add some seating next to it and have movie nights in the winter. Eventually we’ll figure it out. I’m surprised that your fancier furniture ends up getting used so often. I was thinking our old green couch is really big and comfy, so maybe that’s why people gravitate towards it. Our floor plan is really open; it just seems strange that all we do is walk through…

  2. Its the TV. Bring the TV out over the fireplace, you disguise it with a movable picture ( you know, we see them all the time on HGTV). and bring out the big comfy couch and put its back to the fireplace, or facing it.. How many times do you use the fireplace????? hardly ever, and when you do, you can rearrange the furniture. Why worry about a fireplace for the one evening of use a year? Think when we are up we should go looking for a huge sectional all cozy, but stylish and comfy, and get a table that just fits your TV and put it where the screen is/was. It is like anything else your family is used to being all snug on one couch, so make that your focal point. The girls will be gone for the most part at the most 4 years. We can also go shopping for a larger diningroom table (if you want one) and since everyone likes to sit there, if it is big enough we can get large overstuffed chairs and curl up in them for game playing and studying. Change it then, make it cozy now. MeeMee

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