Sometimes Life Gets In the Way

Last Friday, Sweet Miss came downstairs cranky as could be. She hadn’t slept well; she was all out of sorts.

Maybe it was time to start working on curtains for the girls’ rooms. That project had been on the back burner for awhile, but my babies need their sleep, and a darker room can help.

So that afternoon, I got busy cutting and sewing away. Saturday morning broke dark and gloomy. The MR and I both had projects. We decided to skip the local parade and get to work.

Which one would I write about on Monday the new kitchen sink or the new curtains in the girls’ rooms?

If you follow this blog, you know the answer. The kitchen sink won hands down.

Friday I received an email from Baby Girl’s teacher. The community theater was offering students a special rate at the Saturday matinee. I knew she needed to see a play before the end of school, so I texted her with a heads up.

She wanted to go if I was going, too. If you have teenagers, you may know this is code for I’ll go somewhere with my parents as long as they’re footing the bill. And as a parent of a teen, sometimes you’re willing to pay to spend one-on-one time with your kid.

So softy that I am, I took four hours out of my afternoon to watch a musical with Baby Girl. I had four panels done when I left, I could still knock out two more before the night was over.

Well, energy is not my forte. By the time I got home, I finished one more panel. Climbed around on Baby Girls desk to hang it up, made dinner and decided it was time for a glass of wine and a movie.

I still had Sunday to finish the curtains. The kitchen sink was picture perfect.

Then Sunday rolled around with it’s own set of challenges. The whole family was headed to church together and then we’d enjoy “family day” at home.

My little brother called at 8:30 am, to blow my plans out of the water. My dad had called 911 and was in the ER. Now when a grouchy old man calls emergency you know there’s trouble.

My dad has been feeling light-headed lately, so I thought maybe he’d fainted. Passing out in choir had earned him a ride to the ER a few years back. I was figuring this would be much if the same.

My brother was at the breast cancer walk in Seattle, Sweet Miss offered to drive me down to the hospital. I was a little flustered and more than willing to let her make that hour-long drive.

It ended up being appendicitis, so he had emergency surgery that afternoon. When the doctor said that my dad could be released that evening, I piped up with the added info that he lives alone and has felt like passing out for the last two months. They decided to keep him overnight.

So Monday found me driving back south to the hospital to bring my dad home. The doctor apparently had been in surgery and didn’t show up till after 1 pm. So much for my visions of my dad patiently waiting in a wheelchair out in front of the hospital while I was stuck in traffic sometimes my imagination gets the best of me.

So while my dad dozed, I wrote my blog in the hospital. Typing with one finger on my phone isn’t my favorite way of doing this. Editing and formatting is much harder, so sorry for the little snafus.

Finally, I got my dad home and settled in around 4 pm. Then I headed home in traffic for Senior Dessert Night & Slide Show only to be told it’s really just for the seniors. Hanging out at the hospital wears me out. I was quite willing to stay home.

Tuesday the Mr flew off to LA, and I put together presents for the end of year Bible study group potluck. That evening was Senior Awards Night. Our little community gave out $29,000 worth of scholarships and so many great kids who have worked hard for years were recognized. Mothers cried; lives were changed; it was a great night.



Wednesday, I spent the morning in town getting my annual mammogram–one of the joys of reaching a certain age. It did give me the chance to stop and pick up rings for Baby Girl’s new curtains.

The end of the school year is always peppered with events, Wednesday was also “Rube Goldberg” for Baby Girl. If you ever get a chance to go to one of these events jump at it. Kids design a series of steps to make some mundane thing happen. Baby Girl and her partner used dominoes, balls a toy car, and a mousetrap to launch a cup of water at a plant. It was fabulous and worked for the judge on the very first try.

I’d love to load my video of their project in action, but I’m technically illiterate at times, so suffice to say it was great. We went out to dinner to celebrate. I came home and finally finished the last of six panels, and Baby Girl helped me hang them up in her room.

Thursday, I took the day off from sewing to really get to task on all the chores that need to get done before our company arrives on Tuesday. My company is very accommodating, but you can’t sleep on a bed littered with pictures and sewing supplies.

Meanwhile, the Mr was home from his convention–yeah–and we capped off the day with the annual FFA banquet. It’s a great program, and both of the girls have enjoyed a lot of experiences through it.

And all that leads up to today where I find myself once again in a doctors office, that’s four times this week if your counting. Today it’s for me.

I was diagnosed with MS four years ago. At the time, the only treatment options were shots. So for the past four years I have been giving myself a shot every other night. I don’t like needles. When I was a kid, I used to pass out when I had to get one.

Now that an oral option is available, I decided to go for it. So today I had an EKG and took my first dose of Gilenya. Now I’ve got six hourly vital signs to make sure my blood pressure doesn’t plummet–so far so good.

While sitting in a waiting room all day isn’t really my idea of a good time, I have to say this is the coolest waiting room I’ve ever seen. So here’s a little inspiration for you.

The Mr and I want this end table. I tried to tell him he could make some. He seems to think a home made version would be much more rustic.


I’m also liking those side chairs–sleek, small, easy to move.

These couches are so funky. Maybe we need them in our giant curved space. I think they’re a bit too mod for me, but they look great here and notice the chandeliers.


You have to see the texture on this pillow. It would be a little tedious to make, but oh so worth it.


I may not convince the Mr that he can make those end tables, but this cool bundle of sticks is totally doable.


Well, three hours down and three to go. I’m hoping next week to type out all my posts on a computer and no more trips to the doctor or hospital.

Maybe I’ll even finish the rest of the curtains so Sweet Miss can get a good nights sleep. It’s six curtains down, six to go.

With baccalaureate, bridging, company arriving and graduation next week, life just may get in the way…


7 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Gets In the Way

  1. Be sure and keep this blog! You will not believe all that happened, and you survived…………albeit, most of your weeks pretty much go like that. Everything in the waiting room is wonderful. Offer them a price, and take it all home………….maybe they will switch with you. Can’t wait to see you.

    • If only I had something to trade them for… The MS Center at Swedish moved into their brand-new space two months ago. That’s why it’s all so trendy and cute.

      As for keeping up this blog, I was wondering the other day what I would write about when all the projects are completed. All I have to do is look around and realize that may never happen.

      I’ve never kept a journal, but I’m truly enjoying this online record of our home.

  2. Your blog writing makes so much more since now. I did totally wonder what was going on when I noticed a few things. I find your comment about the “modern” stuff considering the beautiful bigwhitehouseonethehill you live in. 🙂

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