Take That Second Look

My name is Kim and I have a problem with clutter. Sometimes I don’t know where to put something, so I stash it somewhere. Company’s coming and I want the house to look neat and tidy, so I grab a pile of papers and shove them in a drawer, or on a shelf, or in the file cabinet–the possibilities are endless.

It’s not just paper that stacks up. I have stuff, lots of stuff. And some of it has taken up residency in weird random spots. I know I’m in trouble when good enough for now has become forever.

We moved in six months ago today, and I’ve found places for a lot of stuff. When things didn’t quite work, I found new places. I’ve also been guilty of letting some things stay put in odd spots for way too long. I’m tired of letting things slide; it’s time to start tackling those random piles starting with our closet.

Now, while I’ll admit I have stuff, I share this home with three other people, and they have stuff, too. I’ll take responsibility for my share, but it’s not all me. While Sweet Miss called her father and I freakishly neat, I know it’s far from true. When you look at eye level, things are looking pretty good.

All you have to do is look up to realize, we have some issues to deal with.

I don’t know what’s in the box, the pillows were meant to be for our bed, but TJ Maxx didn’t have any matching shams for king size pillows, and the rest belongs to the Mr–that bit of loveliness is all his. The other side is slightly better, but I have this issue with neatly folded clothes. I’m one of those crazy people who has to straighten clothes at the mall… If a shirt is falling off the hanger, I’ve got to put it back on. I do have my quirks. And when I get dressed each morning, this pile of rain gear makes me cringe. I do not believe there is a way to make slickers look neat and tidy.

My sweet, handsome man went on a sailing trip 15 or so years ago and bought that bright yellow jacket and pants. At our old house, they were safely hidden away on a corner shelf. Here all of our things in the closet are so very visible. A trip to the mall on Monday, resulted in a simple solution.

This clothe box(from the Container Store) is sleek, gray and subdued. It even has a label, so we’ll know what’s inside when we’re looking for those silly clothes. OK, so that’s one thing down a dozen to go to get my closet more together. I think I’ll tackle the boxes next; maybe I’ll find those crystal candlesticks I’ve been looking for. And once my closet is looking good, I can move on to the stack of magazines in the living room and all the stuff in the bottom of the pantry. Maybe we’ll even put up the painting in the hangout room…

I’m going to challenge myself to take a second look at my home and make sure it’s really what I want it to be. This is what I surround myself with each day, and it totally sets the mood. Is it bringing me down or bringing me joy? Well, I need to get busy. Sometimes a little tweaking is all you need to make you smile and maybe feel a sense of peace and accomplishment.

Do you have piles and stacks needing your attention? How do you handle clutter? Has some random object become the norm in your home?


3 thoughts on “Take That Second Look

  1. Hey, I am here, living in your home for 2 1/2 months, I am ready to help in any way you will let me. It would be a great ‘pay-back’ way for your opening your home and guest room to us.

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