Sink Synch

Last month, the Mr added some sparkle and shine to the kitchen with a big beautiful sink that we are still loving. Unfortunately, we have two sinks in the kitchen, so he was only halfway done. You can’t have one sink that looks like this (cue the beautiful music): And one that looks like this: It doesn’t help that I empty the coffee carafe into this sink each morning, but I am not to blame for the yellowing plastic faucet from years of sun or the chipped paint around the drain. This sink had seen better days. The Mr ordered two stainless steel sinks at the same time, but the larger was on back order. Wait, this is the smaller one; why did it take another month for him to put this in? Oh, nothing is ever easy. The little prep sink arrived without delay. My sweet, handsome man pulled the old, ugly sink and got ready to put in the pretty, new sink. Troubles–the new sink was too small. That’s one of the joys of replacing a working sink, in a working kitchen, in an existing countertop. He didn’t pull the old sink until the new one arrived and the space already cut in the counter was slightly off. It was back to the drawing board once more. He ordered a new sink, and then came another month of backorders and delivering to the warehouse rather than the customer and all sorts of foolishness. Eventually it arrived. Apparently, the old sink is not a standard size, so the Mr had to order one slightly larger. With a jigsaw, he widened the opening to fit the new sink and installed this simple piece of loveliness with nary a trip to the hardware store. My guy is so handy and works so hard. Notice how the faucet matches the other sink’s faucet. And take a look inside, no chips, no stain, just sparkly and clean. Our new sinks offer a hint of metallic in a sea of white. Now the only major thing left on the to-do list for the kitchen is a new cooktop. That’s one room down only a dozen to go. Do you have any recommendations for a gas/propane cooktop with a true simmer that’s easy to clean? Easy to clean is code for not white with light gray burners that are a major pain.


7 thoughts on “Sink Synch

  1. We really liked our Jenn-Air gas cooktop. It is all black and easy to keep clean. I’m not sure what you mean by a “true simmer”, but I haven’t had any problems cooking the things I make. You can come look anytime.

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  3. We like our DCS. It’s a full range, but it’s stainless and easy to clean, so I’d look at their cooktops. It has a full range of temperature on every burner, so it does do a true simmer.

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