Inspiration Seattle Style

Sometimes you just have to live a little.

Me and the Mr were invited to a party a few weeks ago down on the waterfront, and we decided to splurge and book a night at The Edgewater.

Growing up in Seattle, the Edgewater has always been a place of legend. The Beatles fished from its balcony. It had to be the essence of cool.

When we checked into this landmark hotel, I was shocked. With a smile plastered on my face, I walked around in amazement.

Think Northwest lodge meets modern chic and explodes. I love how they’ve totally embraced an over-the-top, whimsical style and thought I’d share a little with you.

Check out the columns disguised as trees in the lobby. They even have segmented branches. It’s a little creepy, but so cool.

The welcome area is flanked by a huge fireplace and a fantastic view of the water.

Wouldn’t you like to cozy up here?

And you can’t help but laugh when you see these chairs.

I feel like we’re in the woods, not some fancy-schmanzy downtown hotel.

Our room was also a surprise. We had bears, lots and lots of bears.

Check out the footstool.

And a bear on our wooden bed.

They certainly weren’t afraid of their theme. I really like the texture of the birch wallpaper (above), and this stick-trimmed armoire is very fun. Make sure you notice the picture of the salmon-catching bear in the background.

While this is all a bit crazy, check out the view of the waterfront from our window.

What’s Seattle without its ferry boats?

It was a beautiful day, and we decided to head off to the party early. The elevators were a bit more in keeping with the chic uptown vibe. The back wall changed from undersea to panoramic views and the walls had these great LED branches.

The restaurant was next to the sculpture park, so we took time to walk through and enjoy the evening.

We saw lots of families out for a stroll or settling in for a picnic dinner. Next time the girls want to go the Old Spaghetti Factory in Seattle, I may suggest a walk through the park beforehand.

We had a great time at the party with old friends and new; and the next morning, the Mr got up to check out the view to find this:

Our new neighbors

We still had a few hours to play hooky from real life, so we went out to breakfast at the restaurant downstairs. The Edgewater is built on a pier, so you feel like you’re right on the water–I guess because you are–and the view of the  Sound and the Olympics are amazing.

With all that woodsy, lodgy feel, I liked the mix of sleek, modern they threw in. At breakfast this really long, steel pendant light hung from the ceiling.

And puddled on the table, but did you notice the tree paneling behind me.

The hallways leading to the rooms were also a nice mix with gorgeous, contemporary black-and-white photos of mountains, lakes, forests, and flowers mounted against that rustic birch wallpaper. I loved this look.

The bathrooms are another example of a great way to use both rustic and sleek with stone on one side with a metal and black vanity on the other.

I can’t leave without showing you one last thing. How do you make a stump glitzy? Why cover it in gold, of course. It’s so goofy, I can’t help but laugh.

The Edgewater was a lovely place to visit, but it’s always nice to come home. Speaking of home, we’ve been in Eastern Washington at Lake Chelan for the week and just got home last night. It was fun to visit a warm, dry place, especially when I woke to thunder and a torrential downpour this morning. But we have lots of exciting stuff going on around here.

The heating guys arrived at 7:30 am, and the siding guys are busy measuring and testing for moisture. Our trusty deck guy was here to greet us when we arrived home. Just to give you a hint of what’s been going on, I’ll share this photo…

It’s what I like to call a UFH: Unidentified Flying Hot tub.

So what’s been going on at your house? Any repairs/renovations? Have you gone on vacation or stayed somewhere unusual?


3 thoughts on “Inspiration Seattle Style

  1. So glad you were able to get away! We just went, by ourselves, to West Memphis, Arkansas for a wedding. I wish we could have had a little time to spend in Memphis, Tennessee, but we really enjoyed time with my husband’s uncle and his family. It was nice to be together, too. Husband asked if this counted as a date when we were on our way home (about a 9 hour drive one way). lol I told him it counted, he said “it felt like it!” This made our 10th state this month, we have done a lot of driving. And have enjoyed it all. Next Monday my summer break ends and I go back to work. I am actually ready this year. I think the older I get, the more I appreciate structure.

    • Glad you enjoyed family and time away together. 10 states in a matter or weeks is amazing. I think I’ll be staying close to home for the rest of the summer. Lots to do around here. When September rolls around, I’ll be glad for structure, but for now, I’m enjoying a more relaxed pace.

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