Deck Redo/Redoux

Sometimes things look good from afar. From the meadow, it’s a nice looking deck.

Everything looks fine from here.

Even much closer, it doesn’t look too shabby.

But I’ve shared with you before that the deck has some troubles. Standing water is never a good thing.

And remember this lovely view of the soffit?

I’m no expert, but even I know that’s trouble when large pieces of your house start falling off.

The Mr has done his share of remodeling. When we were first married, he got stuck at home during a snowstorm and turned a full wall into a pony wall, while I was at work. This deck  job was one he was willing to let someone else tackle.

So began the process of finding a company to do it. The first guy was a referral from the siding people who wouldn’t repair the siding until the deck was repaired. He came in at one price and then came back with a price significantly higher. Maybe the fellow was thinking there’d be trouble, or maybe he didn’t really want the job. The next guy thought it was a larger job than he could tackle. Finally, I was talking house woes with a lady at Bible study, and she said her husband’s company did jobs like that…they also do siding.

The next thing you know, Svein from CDK Construction was out here with his camera and tools measuring and checking and figuring out what needed to be done. Thankfully the water damage was limited to the lower deck. The upper deck appears to be in good shape and properly sloped so water drains away from the house–I’m thankful for small blessings. Then came the bid, the acceptance, and the waiting.

I know I’ve been whining about the wet weather this spring and early summer. Not only does the gloom keep me inside, but it can delay those outdoor jobs. Well, our new buddy Steve from CDK showed up on the 5th of July and has been working steadily through the hot, the cold, the wet, and the foggy. Let’s take a look at his work.

First he had to bump up and support the hot tub and then remove the deck coating to reveal the underlying wood. That discoloration isn’t a good sign. Then he had to remove the bad wood.

This totally freaks me out. Steve put a board up across the top of the stairs to keep the dog and other curious people out, but that hot tub is floating a long ways up. Here’s another view.

This is just not the way things are supposed to be.

And take a look next to the stairs–we’ve got trouble.

Apparently there was more damage in this area than expected. When Steve was pulling things apart, he found that the lower deck had been repaired at one time. Unfortunately, water had gotten in between the layers of decking and caused more problems.

At this point we went on vacation for a week. Thank goodness I missed the part where Steve removed the wood around the bottom of the stairs to the hot tub. Stairs to empty space is the kind of thing that would give me nightmares. But we came home to progress–blessed progress.

Now that’s a good looking soffit, and none of it is on the ground.

And check out the view from the other side with some good looking corner action.

And now the stairs descend to solid wood.

And here we are today (or last night really).

I wished I’d taken a picture Thursday night when we got home, before the deck was all covered in protective sheeting to keep the moisture out. It looked really good with all that clean, solid wood.

Now we’re waiting on the deck coating. It was scheduled for Friday, but it rained; rescheduled for today, but it rained. Are you noticing a pattern? There’s 0% chance of rain Tuesday and Wednesday, so I may have updates soon.

The girls may even get to use the hot tub before the summer is over.

How’s your summer going? Any big renovation projects? Do stairs to nowhere give you bad dreams?


7 thoughts on “Deck Redo/Redoux

  1. Everything is looking so good! Our deck, while not nearly as big, is a trouble spot in our home, too. Unfortunately, it is a bit far down on the list. Right now, I just want my husband to clear the sink that is stopped up, and will be happier.

    I have never had bad dreams about stairs to nowhere, but I think that would give me bad dreams! Things like that terrify me!

    • How funny, the girls shower is in need of attention at our house too…the joys of long hair. I’m excited that the deck is finally coming together. I didn’t realize these things would take so long. Progress is a really good thing. I’m not sure if the deck would have been so high up on our list, if it hadn’t been needed prior to fixing the siding. That’ll be another big job off completed/started soon–I hope.

  2. The deck is all so beautiful. Can’t wait to see it in person, possibly it will be almost finished!! Yes, long hair is not good in bath tubs/showers. Our daughter’s basement shower backed up just prior to expecting a bunch of family coming to stay at our house for her wedding. It flooded the whole basement with squishy watery carpet and pad. Weddings are fun, and this just added to the excitement.

    • While we’ve never had flooded rooms, we’ve had plenty of plugged drains. At least this year, you don’t have to share a shower with the girls MK. I’m hoping for more deck pictures and progress before the week is out.

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