Water Woes & So Much More

When nothing’s going on around here, I have an easy time figuring out what to write about. I pick something people might consider interesting and have the whole thing written in my head before I even start.

But when surprises pop up and things get a little crazy, I end up with a jumble of ideas running around in my head not knowing where to start or what to share. It’s been that kind of weekend.

Friday afternoon started out like pretty much any other Friday. Sweet Miss invited a bunch of buddies over for a girls’ night. A few extras–not a problem–they can be giggly and goosey in their wing till the wee hours. They were coming after work, so I wouldn’t even have to feed them, but I did offer to pick up snacks.

I had to get Baby Girl from a friend’s and stopped off at the grocery store on the way home. I  picked up food for dinner. So far so good. When I got home, I went back to making zucchini bread–I was out of oil which was another reason for stopping by the store.

I grated the zucchini and decided to wash the goop off my hands… No water… What? Something was very wrong.

We spent four days without water in early July. I know the signs to watch for, everything was fine before I went to the store. The water pressure hadn’t dropped, I’d heard the pump running when I was working out in the sewing room. Even when the pump broke and we’d been “out of water”, there was still a little trickle when I turned on the faucet… This was just strange.

Now, when things go bad, I usually call the Mr. But it was Friday night, I didn’t want him to be in a bad mood when he got home. Instead, I’d just ratchet up the stress as soon as he walked in the door.

Oh and did I mention, Baby Girl had also invited a few friends to spend the night. That means seven teenage girls and no water… I was starting to stress.

Well, my sweet, handsome man got home and I spilled the beans–no water. Let’s figure this out. The deck guy had washed off the lower deck, prepping it for its top coat. Which tap did he use? I don’t know. I think it’s creepy to sit and watch him all day long; I let him do his thing. Hmm, the outside tap that leaks horribly looked very wet. You mean, the guy emptied a 1,000-gallon tank washing the deck? That was our best guess.

Everything was going to be OK; we just had to wait a little while for the tank to fill. I’d just let the fellow know not to use that tap again.

The girls could come, we just had to try and conserve water until it got to a better level. Brushing my teeth that night, I was surprised to note there was still no water. This was taking a long time.

The next morning, something was seriously wrong–still no water. The Mr investigated a little more and found that the pipe to the outside tap had actually broken and water from the tank was just pouring out. I guess it’s a good thing our well doesn’t fill quickly and the tank room is down below the garage, so we didn’t have flooding.

Roto-Rooter came to the rescue. They sent a guy out and he fixed the pipe in less than an hour. It was totally exposed, just a little tricky to get to.

Of course, I did have a few cranky girls that morning. The garage door had been slamming all morning long, and they still didn’t have working toilets. As an added bonus, the guy from the security company was testing the alarms. They were really happy.

When they came down stairs to do a mass exodus to Starbucks, they found their cars blocked in by the workmen. All was forgiven when we made more coffee, and I made them doughnuts. The water was back on by the time they finished breakfast and life was good.

When we bought this place, I had this feeling of independence. We had our own well and didn’t have to pay water and sewer any more. We were living off the land; sticking it to the man. Sometimes I am so foolish.

Not only has the well cost us an arm and a leg, we’ve had the added bonus of learning to clean with hard water and those lovely spots it leaves behind.

One good thing about all this, our water tank filled overnight. Last time it took two whole days. Perhaps that pipe was cracked and was leaking before it broke.

Maybe later this week, I’ll share art, painting, heating, sewing and gardening projects that we took on lately. For now, I’m going to make some more zucchini bread; those silly girls ate it all.


5 thoughts on “Water Woes & So Much More

  1. We have hard water, too. Sometimes it gets to me, but I have been living with it for a long time now. I also grew up with it, but didn’t realize how much of a pain it can be when I wasn’t responsible for anything!!!!

    • Lori–Growing up with soft water (snow/glacier melt), I’ve never worried minerals in the water turning things funny colors. Nobody told me well water would make cleaning more difficult. I’m learning all sorts of things. It’s funny how being responsible changes your perspective 🙂

      MK–It was the best–grouchy girls, stomping around, complaining about toilets, slamming doors, and alarm system testing & then getting stuck here.

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