Fireplace Sizzle

The fireplace is traditionally the focal point of any room, the heart of the home, a place for families to gather.

Our fireplace is huge, with a sunken seating area, black granite hearth, stair-stepped walls, and beams shooting from its top. With that description, you’d think it’d be a show-stopper, but instead it’s completely underwhelming. Now let’s be fair, it does have a massive, dramatic view to compete with, but winter will be here before we know it. I want this to be an inviting area to gather, and I know we can do better than this.

The Mr finished painting outside this weekend. He told me it might be time to start thinking about those indoor painting projects–now those were dangerous words. I have plans, big plans for adding some color indoors. This is not called the big, white house on the hall simply because it’s painted white on the outside. Except for the bathrooms (check out the faux finishing), and one wall in our bedroom, the entire house was totally white inside. We’ve added some color in the bedrooms, but we’ve been waiting, thinking, and planning for the rest of the house.

In some ways I’m really glad we didn’t immediately start adding color. It’s been great to live with the rooms and see them in different lights and seasons. The warm, earthy colors from our craftsman don’t seem to fit here. We toyed with the idea of some more vibrant hues, but they would fight with the peaceful tone of this place.

While we’re still far from deciding, we’ve been talking about using washed out blues, grays, and greens in the great room with some darker accents in the alcoves in the kitchen and the back of the china cabinets.

Here’s what the fireplace might look like with those earth tones.

I feel like this has a definite Southwest vibe which I’m not crazy about.

Take a look at the fireplace in washed out blues and grays.

While we’ve never gravitated towards blue, this is definitely a more soothing pallet.

And finally, here it is in green tones.

We painted our living room green when we first moved into our old house. It didn’t last long and made the room very dark even though it was in a pale shade. I have qualms about revisiting that color especially with the bright green carpet that’s here for a bit more.

In a perfect world, we’d fill in the area around the fireplace, replace the weird teal carpet with a subdued beige, and say goodbye to the slouchy, old love seats that were a “gift of the house”. But for now I will content myself with adding some of our warmth and personality with a little color.

Now I need your help. Whether you’re a regular follower of this blog or this is your first visit, help me decide how to brighten up our fireplace.

Have you added any color to your house lately? How do you make your fireplace more inviting?


5 thoughts on “Fireplace Sizzle

  1. I agree about the southwest. I don’t dislike the green, I just think that blue really gives you a sense of cool and calm! I really like it with the grey! Have I added any color?…Did I mention the painters called our upstairs the fruit loop floor? Our room is an eggplant, the bath is sage, the kids bath is orange (picked by our #2), the boys rooms is red, DD#1 is a vibrant pink, and DD#2 is lime. The hall is also sage. We painted the living room the same sage. The family room and dining room are a nice light brown color, and the “library” is a deeper brown (it is right off the dining room and all three of those rooms are really joined with now doors.). The kitchen is yellow. I LOVE all the color! When we had to repaint the entire house after the fire four years ago, I changed everything. Also the only reason there were painters and not us doing it all – although we had to finish some of the work.

    Now the fireplace – is WHITE! Can’t help you on that one…lol. The original owners had actually painted it from the original brick in the mid-90’s. It looks really crisp against the brown.

    I can’t wait to watch as you paint inside.

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