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I always say it’s easier to write when nothing is going on rather than a million and one things. I’ve been waiting all summer for it to get busy around here, and it certainly has.

First the Mr and Baby Girl headed off to Seaside, Oregon for the largest beach volleyball tournament in the country.

While she and her partner lost in pool play, they ended up playing four matches in bracket play before being knocked out. They had a lot of fun, and it was a great experience.

Meanwhile, Sweet Miss and I went off to Western Washington University to get her registered for classes.

Sweet Miss (on the right) with two of her buddies at Summerstart Weekend.

The weekend was filled with highs and lows–the excitement of college, the frustration of putting together a schedule. Workers were removing asbestos from her dorm, so we didn’t get a chance to tour it, but she spent the night in another dorm and got to sample cafeteria food. There’s something about the energy of youth and learning that fills a college campus. I’m excited for her and this new part of life she’s about to begin, but I’m glad we still have another month before she leaves.

The Mr’s folks held down the home front while we were off on our adventures. They’ll be headed back to Nevada soon. With our recent water woes, they thought it might be a good idea to try and find another source. Here’s MeeMee trying her hand at witching for water. Apparently, she’s had success in the past. I’ll have to admit, I’m a bit of a skeptic, but it’s fun to watch.

On the hunt.

She didn’t find any on the downhill side of the driveway, and the uphill side is uneven and full of sticker bushes. I guess we’ll have to hope the well doesn’t run dry any time soon.

Papa has been busy, painting and patching. We have small siding issues that won’t be covered in the major repair job. Speaking of major repairs, we have half a dozen burly men in the backyard setting up scaffolding and others crawling around under the house. Papa just asked if they could turn off the water for awhile since they’re removing siding from the far wall. It’s a little crazy around here, but I’m excited to think it might all get done before the rains of fall start up.

For those of you waiting with baited breath, the winning paint color scheme for the fireplace was Calming Blue with 57% of the votes. OK, so it was only 4 our of 7 votes, but thank you to the 7 people who took the time to vote. Now I just have to convince the Mr that we’re going to love it… It’s just paint right?

Oh and did I mention Sweet Miss is turning 18 today. She was disappointed to have to spend the whole day at work–welcome to the real world. MeeMee and I thought we’d bring her class little cupcakes to celebrate teacher’s birthday.

I’d better go weave may way through a sea of trucks, so we don’t miss lunch and interrupt nap time with an impromptu party.

Do you have days, weeks like this when it’s all a jumble of activity and nothing really gets done? 


2 thoughts on “This & That

  1. Have those days/weeks all of the time. Side note: The house I lived in before going to college had a witched well. My parents hired him to find water for our new home on land tht had not been developed. We always had water…

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