Freshening Up

For months, I’ve been talking about getting the siding fixed. In early June, the Mr met with a project manager to get it scheduled. Days, weeks, and then months went by–still no siding crew.

I was beginning to wonder if this was really going to happen before the rains of fall set in. And then Monday, in what’s undoubtedly the hottest week of the year, they arrived, and boy have they been working. While they still have a ways to go, I thought I’d share what’s been done so far.

This is the starting place.

It doesn’t look too bad from far away, but take a look at the boiler room door.

And all you have to do is turn the corner to find more trouble.

Even I know this requires more than just a little paint to fix things up. The crew arrived and got busy setting up scaffolding and getting rid of the bad siding.

Here’s a better view of the destruction zone.

And here we are around the corner once more.

Take a look at the progress. After removing the bad siding, the workers screw on styrofoam sheets. Styrofoam tears pretty easily, so they use large plastic discs at each screw hole to distribute the stress. This in turn creates divots, so they have to spackle those with black gunk. I’m sure with my technical description of the work, you’ll be able to replicate this at home…

Day two progress:

Here’s an upclose and personal look at those divots.

On day three they added a strip of wood across the top of the repair area. I would have called it trim, but my husband informed me it’s flashing. I don’t care what it’s called, I’m totally on board with something that will keep my walls safe and dry and adds a little detail to a very large blank wall. It was hot, I was tired, so I failed in my goal of taking daily progress shots.

But this is day four, and the masses have gone home. It’s currently 92-degrees, and there’s an excessive heat warning for our area. I know some of you have been living in the 90’s and 100’s all summer. We’re total wimps when it comes to heat out here. It’s supposed to be back in the low 70’s all next week–just the way I like it.

So here are my photos from day four.

From the top deck:

Let’s head around for a better view.

Those were the views from deck area off my kitchen and my usual observation area, so I was pleasantly surprised when I turned the corner and found this.

With the bright sunshine and all the shadows, it’s hard to see how truly beautiful this is. To jog your memory, here’s that same corner just a few weeks ago.

The pipes sticking out of the wall may be throwing you off. Along with deck and siding crews, we’ve been enjoying the company of some nice heating guys.

They’ve been waiting on completion of the siding, to install equipment outside. They didn’t want to be in the way of any scaffolding. It’s all this little dance you do when you have multiple sets of people working together on your home. When the scaffolding went up on Monday, they were able to put in place one of the heating units.

So while we don’t have air conditioning upstairs for this heat wave, we’ll be set soon.

The common theory for why we had that bubbling in the siding was moisture getting trapped in the boiler room. With all the different patching, I’m going to guess this was a long-standing problem. Some vents were originally installed in the boiler room, but some if not all of these were covered–oops. So we have vents going in to help alleviate the problem. And knock on wood, or stucco, I hope this will solve it. When they tested for moisture in the walls last month, it was all within normal levels.

Along with the siding, we had some door issues. Who can forget this lovely photo from our home inspection last August? Wow, this odyssey started a year ago–time flies.

We’ve had a nice guy in my laundry room all week fixing things up.

It’s still not totally trimmed out, but oh it makes me smile just to look at it. Sometimes you live with gunk, and you say to yourself that it’s no big deal, and then when it goes away, it’s the best.

It’ll be so nice when everything is freshened up and looking well-cared for. We are definitely on the way.

Have you had hoards of people descend on your house lately? 


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