Softening the Angles

When you turn that last corner of our driveway and first see our home, it can be a bit jarring. While we’ve gotten used to it and even love it, there’s no arguing it’s a very unusual shape and style. The roof line resembles a butterfly taking flight, and people are going to notice.

Here it is outlined against the sunset.

Even with the portico cut off it’s still on the crazy side.

Now our house does look really impressive when you see it from across the valley or approach it from the meadow below.

But let’s be real, nobody comes at it from that direction. Instead, they see this “flying saucer”-type place. The Mr did get teased a little about his spaceship home, but once the guys from work came by and checked it out, all the teasing stopped. So me and the Mr decided we should do something to soften those harsh angles and make this place we love look a little less weird. We talked about trellises, arbors, and trees. Then last week, he came home with this sequoia.

It looks a little small at the moment, but we had one at the old place and it grew giant in just a few years. I love the droopy, very Dr. Seuss look. Maybe it will encourage the Cat in the Hat to stop by. Along with our little shaggy tree, we have a golden chain on the corner, dianthus, marigolds, alyssum, cucumbers, and a few sunflowers. The sunflowers make me smile each time I come home.

This is obviously just a start, but the end of summer is a great time to pick up some  new plants at a good price. The sequoia was $30 rather than the usual $90 at Home Depot. With the fall rains just around the corner, the tree will get well watered and established before the colds of winter set in.

The Mr was also able to pick up a palm tree for one of the front planters. One out of the four had died over the winter, and he’d tried transplanting an offshoot with a very small root ball. No luck; that one died this spring. Let’s hope third times a charm for this little guy.

Last spring, I thought some trailing plants would soften the planters in the portico. I’m afraid they just look scraggly. The Mr had planted some decorative grasses and hostas. I like the look of these so much more.

Maybe we’ll have to head back to the nursery or hardware store and pick up some more plants to replicate this look. Of course life continues in a crazy whirl around here. In the last week, Sweet Miss turned 18 and got her nose pierced, me and my sweet, handsome man celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary and enjoyed a bacon-fest with friends. On any given night you might find three to four extra teenage girls were here, and the dog tried to eat a bee.

Maybe we’ll fit a trip to the store into a week filled with volleyball try-outs, blackberry picking, and visits from the heating and electrical crew.

Does your house have its own special look? How have you used landscaping to shape the view of your home? What new plants have you added your yard lately?


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