Freshening Up–Part 2

I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath since last Thursday when I shared our siding updates from Day 4.

Well, Friday was Day 5, and no one showed. I got up early, so I wouldn’t be in the shower like the day before when they arrived at 7 am. We had doughnuts, I made coffee and filled up the cooler with ice and pop.

Just ask the girls sleeping upstairs. The constant slap of the garage door as I prepared treats for the siding gang woke everyone up by 7:15. And then we waited, and we waited, and we waited. And still no one showed.

Turns out that it was simply too hot to apply the stucco properly. So fast forward till Monday, when in a few short hours we ended up with this.

And here’s another look:

The horizontal board was added since it would be impossible to seamlessly match the texture on the lower portion with the rest of the wall.  I really like the way it breaks up what was a very large stretch of plain wall. Here’s the before sans flashing.

The stucco looks really good, but as always it’s one step forward another step back. Now that the bottom is crisp and clean looking, the top half of the wall looks even more dingy. Saturday night, we bought a fan for the boiler room, and vents need to go in all those little cut outs.

I’ve mentioned that we couldn’t fix the siding until the deck was redone, but I’ve done a poor job of documenting why. The box under the landing to the lower deck was also damaged and has been resided. I don’t have any before shots, but here’s after:

You can see the huge discrepancy between the new and the old. I don’t know if painting is in the cards this year, but it is definitely a priority.

Papa Larry–the Mr’s dad–figured out how to patch some of the smaller spots in the stucco that have been damaged. Scrape off the bad, add a coat or two of Kilz, and then a couple coats of stucco medium. While it’s not perfect, it is a huge improvement in looks, and we’re hoping it will get us through the winter. The Mr spent a few hours this past week on a very tall ladder fixing some problems on the eaves.

Let’s take a closer look.

It’s a nice patch job, but the paint has faded a touch in the years it’s been exposed to the elements. We were lucky that the former owners left the paint behind, but it’s not a perfect match. All-in-all, it’s much better than chunks of stucco falling off our house.

Now that the siding is finished and the scaffolding is gone, the heating guys have been able to install the other heat pump unit outside. They’re here today with three electricians, I’ve been listening to a lot of thumping and bumping, and they just turned off the water. I keep reminding myself that this is progress. We’re hoping our new heating system will be operational this week, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Have you had any “good enough for now” projects that turned out surprisingly well? Any jobs that seemed to just bring a cascade of other jobs?


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