Changing My Mind…

Sometimes, I’m afraid to change my mind. Once I’ve decided on something, it has to stay that way forever.

While I admire consistency, being intractable gets you into trouble. When we moved in, our laundry room boasted great storage and a giant tanning bed.

When Sweet Miss was born, I was working for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in their Cancer Prevention Research Program. They promoted lowering your risk of cancer through behavior modification. They wanted people to quit smoking, eat more fruits and veggies, exercise, and other healthy choices that could lower the risk of cancer. The idea of allowing my girls to use a tanning bed set my teeth on edge.

I felt somewhat hypocritical giving it away, but the tanning bed found a new home and suddenly I had floor space in my laundry room. So I set up some shelves and ended up with this.

This was all well and good until I got busy and put my sewing room together. You see the shelves are part of a system that I wanted to use out there. Since they weren’t quite right in the laundry room–I only had room for six bins at any one time–I decided to use them in my little paradise and figure out something else for the laundry.

Bogart wants nothing more to do with his box. It was a favorite place to hang out at the old house, but here the laundry room is way too far from the action. So I folded up his box and took a look at what else I could use to hold all my sorting bins.

We had some old chairs that were also stuck out in the sewing room. I could move them inside, free up some room in my space, and keep the wash organized. So here’s incarnation number 2.

It was an OK solution. The bins fit easily under the chair legs, and we did have room for all seven of them. That was until we had five extra people staying with us for a few days. Suddenly, all the chairs were in use, and the laundry went everywhere.

About that time, I saw an organizer in a flyer from Target. It was on sale and looked just about perfect. But that was in the middle of graduation, end of school, company, and other busy times. I didn’t make it in to the store and decided to just live with the chairs for the time being.

Then last week, I went to Woodinville with Baby Girl to get her sports physical signed by the doctor. That took less than five minutes. Note to self: next time make sure to get your forms signed and dated, too–oh the joys of paperwork and red tape, but that’s another story.

Since we were in town, we wanted to do a little shopping and Target was on the top of the list. While Baby Girl was off trying on clothes, I decided to check out the bed and bath section. Sweet Miss will be headed off to college in less than a month. And as luck would have it, the organizer was back on sale.

Last Friday, I spent a very hot afternoon in my relatively cool laundry room putting the organizer together and wound up with this.

The sorting bins were a touch to big for the spaces, but I cut their plastic supports and bent them enough to fit easily. Since it’s a tight fit, I’ll be encouraged to do a load of laundry as soon as each one is full.

Now the vacuum cleaner for the carpet and the Shark steamer/vacuum for the tile both sit nicely in place. The big blue bin comes in handy when the girls run off with the laundry basket and I’m left with armloads of clothes.

You may be wondering what happened to the chairs with the red cushions. At first, I just moved them off to the side, but they take up a lot of space. Since our summer guests have left for home, I decided to move the extra chairs into the closet in the guest room. Guests still have plenty of space to hang clothes, and extra chairs usually get used when we have extra people staying here. It’s a win-win situation–just the kind I like.

Once we replace the undersized table downstairs with a larger one, we can move the old table upstairs to the girls’ kitchen area. Then we can pull those chairs out of the closet and put them to good use. Maybe a new coat of paint will jazz them up a little.

For now, they’re in the closet, my laundry room looks neat and tidy, and I am happy. Laundry is not my favorite chore and with two teenage girls, I’ve done more than my fair share. Being happy with my space makes my job a little easier.

Does neat and tidy make you happy? How have you organized your laundry room?


6 thoughts on “Changing My Mind…

  1. Oh wow! The day before we left, I did notice and mentioned I truly liked the neat and tidy place for the clothes awaiting cleaning. Good job, but then you always have done a great job of organizing! YOUR last cacti arrived safely home with us and is now looking for the perfect place in OUR home! Thank you.

  2. The older I get, the more neat and tidy makes me happy. And with 5 kids and a very dirty husband, I have done a lot of laundry. There came a time when they decided not to bring laundry down when it need to come, and that is when I decided it was time for them to do their own. I just do DH and mine now.

    • I’ve always thought it was my husband who was the tidy one, and then I catch myself getting worked up about little things out of place. The girls actually have a stacked washer and dryer in their bathroom, but it’s not hooked up. During volleyball season, I’d hate to add one more thing to Baby Girl’s plate, but come November it may be time for her to start doing her own. Sweet Miss will be on her own come September 23 when she heads off to college, and that girl has a lot of clothes. 🙂

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