A Magic Carpet

While it’s not a flying carpet, I was over-the-top excited to find a rug I’d pinned months ago back on sale at Joss & Main. It was colorful and fun–perfect for the girls’ hangout room. It’s truly magical how a rug can set the tone for a room giving it direction and new life.

In all honesty, the girls’ wing is a bit of a hodge-podge. We haven’t bought any new furniture. All our money and energy has been spent on maintenance with a little bit going to knick-knacks and pretties–I just can’t help myself. But when I saw the rug I’d hankered for months ago, searched for unsuccessfully on the  web, and mourned the loss of back on sale once more, I couldn’t let it go.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve got upstairs.

Holy cow!! It’s a big sty.

I love those girls, but they certainly aren’t neat and tidy. Along with the brown loveseat, we have the white futon/couch, a large black entertainment unit, beige-y bookshelves, and one bright red one.

How do you bring all those things together in a believable way and perhaps cover up some of that stained gray/blue carpet? This rug is magic.

We have the red, we have the blue, we have the black, we even have the brown. I made some funky crocheted pillows and covered a table for the old hangout room. I figured they’d go by the wayside, but they actually work with this carpet.

Yeah for Mom. Next on the to-do list is to get a slipcover for this little couch. All those white cushions are looking a little shabby after years of snacks and sleepovers.

Cost Plus used to sell these red slipcovers. Here’s hoping I’ll find them in stock.

I think a chalkboard wall would look great and mimic the dark background and vibrant colors of the rug. Teenage girls love to draw and write messages to their BFF’s.

We’ve talked about moving our current dining table upstairs when we get a new one. Well, we’re still waiting on that, so I have a folding table that would look great in their kitchen area and lots of chairs that they can gather round. And these paintings need to find a place on the wall.

I may be dreaming, but fixing up their space a little could encourage that latent neat and tidy gene I know they must have inherited from their father.

Have you purchased a carpet that magically transformed your space? What have you built a room around?


5 thoughts on “A Magic Carpet

  1. Oh wowie, that is some kind of beautiful couch!!!!! I truly love it, and when you described it could not figure out what it would look like. It is truly magical, like you said, and draws everything together. I had to laugh as you said “I am sure the girl’s get their messiness gene from their father”. I never knew he was messy, because he kept all his toys, games, etc. in another room in a big closet, or down stairs in the basement. That way he did not have to worry about keeping his room clean…………….well, his nephew Jase is the same way!! His room is always neat and tidy and totally void of any thing to play with………………plus his bed is the kind that you climb a ladder to get in to, and then have a desk underneath. So you cannot see onto the bed, and there is no desk underneath because he does his home work at the kitchen table. I think that gene has been passed on to the boys in the family.

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