Addicted to Neat & Tidy

Each of us has our own little quirks. I have a major thing for neat and tidy.

That means when you go to bed at night, you straighten the pillows on the couch and put the remotes in the wooden box. The throw is placed over the arm of the couch in a casual, but intentional manner. Does this happen? Not very often unless I’m the last one headed to bed. That’s OK; I get up and straighten the TV area each morning.

When I make my bed, I don’t want any wrinkles. I want it to look sleek and together.

I will admit I get uptight about certain things. With that being said, you can imagine how looking at this every day pushed my buttons.

I sit opposite this each morning and drink my coffee, read my Bible, and check my emails. It’s messy, sloppy, gross. The lining was ripped, so I sewed it back together, and it still looked horrible. I tucked, I adjusted, I plumped, I fluffed, but nothing worked. These silly little love seats–yes there are two of them–always looked rumpled and mussy. If a couches can look disheveled that would be them.

They are constantly showing us their backsides.

Now you may ask why I bought these overstuffed love seats with the sloppy feel. Well, that’s the thing, we didn’t buy them. They were a gift of the house one of the many things the previous owners left behind. Without these “gifts” we would have a large empty spot in the middle of the great room, so for the time being they stay. They are neutral, gray leather and seem to have worn well–they don’t show the major fading that the upholstered furniture displayed. (Remember the ottoman I recovered?)

But how could I make them more presentable? At first I simply removed the stuffing from the arms. The underside of each cushion has a zipper, so this was a quick and easy fix.

Maybe they’d look great without any stuffing–certainly sleeker. They mostly just looked deflated.

I’d have to try again.

Then I got to thinking foam could be the answer. In the past, I’ve paid an arm and a leg for upholstery foam, but this time I went the cheap route with a foam mat to sleep on from the camping section at Fred Meyer. First, I removed the lumpy-bumpy nasty stuffing.

No wonder they looked like a hot mess. You can’t look sleek without the proper underpinnings–think panty lines.

Then clamped some scrap fabric to the sleeve portion and made a pattern.

Then I used a sharpie to trace it onto my foam.

Next, I just used regular scissors to cut out the shape. This was not easy, so I got out the big guns. You guessed it–I used my electric knife. It cuts through foam like butter; I just have to make sure I know where my fingers are at all times.

I also cut channels in the underside of the foam to give it some shaping.

Then it was just a matter of stuffing the foam back into the arm cushions and working them into place. Here’s what we ended up with.

Let’s take another look from the side.

While it’s not perfect, it is so much better than what I started with. I knew I’d been successful that night after dinner when I asked if the family had noticed what I’d done. The Mr was oblivious, but Baby Girl said “Wow, that looks so good.” I didn’t even have to tell her to look at the little couch. Of course, she’d been with me when I bought the pad and had helped me navigate the aisles of Fred Meyer with a 6×3-foot piece of foam, so I guess she had a hint of what was going to happen.

For just under $20, I gave a leather love seat that made me sigh each morning a little makeover. Now I just have to find me some more foam and get to work on the other love seat and matching chair.

Have you made over a couch with $20? How have you turned those horrible pieces of furniture into something you can enjoy?


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