A Fresh Start

Ages ago I mentioned the girls were busy painting Sweet Miss’ room. I planned on showing it to you back in August, but if you’ve ever seen a teenage girls’ room, you probably know why I haven’t.

The piles of clothes and gobs of knick-knacks made me a little embarrassed to let the world see this room. Did I really want to admit it was allowed in our house?

There are certain things you argue about with your teenager. Sweet Miss is responsible, gets good grades, held a job this summer, runs with a nice group of kids and helps around the house. If being really messy is her only vice, I guess we can endure it.

But things they are a changing around here. Yesterday, the four of us moved Sweet Miss up to Western Washington University. We’re excited for her and this new adventure, but we already miss the joy and excitement she brings to our home.

That being said, her room is cleaner than I’ve ever seen it. I ran up some clothes she’d left behind and decided to do a little dusting and straightening. I even found birthday presents for Papa and me. This girl was planning ahead–thank you dear.

So here are the vibrant green walls the girls and the Mr painted over the summer.

The green looks really sharp next to the silver vanity and black-and-cream curtains.

The white wall was going to be a mural, but that never happened. Maybe over Christmas break she’ll be inspired. And the old comforter has to go. A duvet cover in black and white stripes or a sophisticated print with some green would complete that sleek look she’s going for. We want her room to look as welcoming as possible in order to entice her to visit often.

I love the way the emerald green sets off the white doors and trim work. It’s so fresh and clean looking. I’m surprised we have not one but two jewel-toned rooms for the girls .

The Mr and Baby Girl painted one accent wall in this intense purple on Christmas Eve as we were moving in.

These colors speak to their youth and vibrancy. Thinking about it, we have that lovely square of navy walls in our bedroom (check it out here). Maybe we aren’t as afraid of color as I think. Me and the Mr have been talking paint colors for the great room for the last few weeks. We are definitely leaning towards muted neutrals for the downstairs.

Sweet Miss has traded one small room for another, but this one she has to share. It’s pretty cozy.

Hope she’s settling in along with all those college freshman leaving home for the first time.

We love you Sweet Miss.

Have you painted any rooms with bright, intense color? Said any goodbyes recently? Do you love the way a new paint color gives a room a fresh start?


2 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. Your beautifully written blog brought tears to my eyes with remembering when Sweet Miss’s father and aunt moved away at different times from home to strike out on their own. I sat on their beds and breathed their aromas on items left behind. The quiet and the times of their usual arrivals home was so bittersweet. I was excited for them, but missed them, and I needed to fill up the void, I became a energized gardener, chef, and clean freak, I finally calmed down, and those voids got filled, but in retrospect, having the children and their friends around was wonderful, and I am so glad that I was home to witness it all. I thank their Papa, and all his hard work to afford me the to be able to achieve my dream of staying home with the ‘kids’.

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