September Reboot

It’s time for that first post of the month where I take a look back and sum up what happened in the previous 30 days or so. It’s a gimme post. I don’t have to think hard or wonder what to write about just recap. Well than why have I been putting it off?

Maybe it’s because, with the arrival of fall, the sun is much lower in the sky. It follows me throughout the day alternately blinding me and making my computer screen unreadable.

Squinting and sitting just so, so the sun doesn’t smack me in the face is not conducive to writing.

Perhaps I will have to change my blogging time to really early (that means no time for walking the dog after 7 am school drop off) or late afternoon (when I’m making dinner, picking up Baby Girl from practice, and enjoying a glass of wine with the Mr). I’m going to have to rethink my day. I’m a creature of habit, and I don’t like to mix things up.

In all honesty, the sun in my face issue is just an excuse. I’ve had pie in the sky dreams about what was going to happen after most of my posts this month. Most, some, a few, OK maybe none of them happened. So here’s a run down of September of what I did and what maybe some day will do.

It’s Jerky Time explored the joys of tasty, portable protein. We’ve eaten our way through two batches so far this volleyball season, so it’s time to mix up another. I shared “Aunt Linda’s Jerky” recipe in the Redwolves Volleyball Cookbook. If you’re interested in some tasty recipes, they’re on sale now for $15. Come out and support the team Thursday nights through October 18. Varsity is 6-1, and JV has totally stepped it up this season.

Oil-free Baby proclaimed our move to a more sustainable/cheaper form of heat. While it’s been unseasonably warm around here, the temps dropped to 36-degrees overnight and our floors were toasty warm this morning. We’ll have to wait and see over the winter how moving from an oil-heated boiler to heat pumps with oil back up pans out. For now, we’re loving it.

I was so excited about A Magic Carpet and how it was going to revive, inspire, and pull together the hangout room.

Well, I haven’t painted, moved furniture, rearranged and made this room look fabulous. I do believe it will happen–just not as quickly as I wanted. Bogart did find a bag of marshmallows and proceeded to eat them leaving blobs of white goo all over the new carpet. It seems to just blend in with the pattern fairly well unlike the big white spot left on the rug from the bar of soap he ate last night.

In Snafus I shared how things can go wrong with my book wreath falling apart and my shade all mismatched. But I showed them righted in Back to the Books with lovely sculptures, pendants and the remade wreath.

My plan was to have an amazing flourish of pendants join this lonely pair.

I’m sad to say, they’re still the only things hanging from the ceiling in the sewing room. I’ll have to get on that.

I did add some privacy to the guest room with matching Roman shades.

Unfortunately, they didn’t want to match. One swagged. One hung straight. What to do? I’d add some doweling at the bottom and fix them right up. Here’s how far I got with that.

At least the bottom is straight now.

In Addicted to Neat and Tidy I shared how the lumpy, bumpy furniture we inherited was driving me crazy. I’m so pleased with how this love seat turned out.

I had to hit up a few Fred Meyers, before I found more of the camping pads to redo the foam cushions in the other love seat and matching chair. And they look like this.

I know, I know, they look horrible. It’s another project just waiting to be completed.

Ah, but perhaps the projects I’m not totally in charge of actually do get completed. No, not so much. I shared the big news that we’re painting the outside and that I may have to change the name of the blog to the The Big-Not-So-White House. Well, the painters were due to arrive today. It’s after 10 am, and I’m still waiting. I’m not the only one who doesn’t quite get things done. I hope they’ll show tomorrow, so they can begin the transformation from beacon-on-the-hill white with blue trim to hide-the-dirt-a-little beige with gray trim.

Sweet Miss’ room remains warm and welcoming, awaiting her next visit home.

She sounds like her first week at college has been wonderful filled with new friends, classes, exploding coffeepots and fun. The bouquet of roses she left drying in the laundry room has made it as far as her dresser. I’m hoping to get those flowers hung on the wall.

Our lovely fabric art showcased in Getting Creative with Paint & Pen  that I revived with a bit of clear coat is still waiting patiently to be made into pillow covers.

Looking for Silver Linings when your oldest child moves out, I redid the shoe racks in the garage. They can finally accommodate our family’s shoes without spilling all over the floor–I know back to my obsession with neat and tidy. It’s been a week, and they still look so good. There was only one lonely pair of flip-flops on the floor this morning. Perhaps my family is learning to put them away.

Now that I’ve gone through September’s posts, I have quite the to-do list.

  1. Make another batch of jerky and some more freezer meals.
  2. Rearrange the hangout room and pick some paint colors.
  3. Add some more book pendants to the sewing room and finish mounting the rest of the sculptural wall hangings.
  4. Mark and trim the dowels for the shades to size.
  5. Replace the lumpy cushions in the leather chair and love seat with foam.
  6. Hang up those flowers in Sweet Miss’ room before they get ruined.
  7. It’s just a simple square; get on making those pillow covers.
  8. Smile with satisfaction every time you drive into the garage and see all those neat rows of shoes.
  9. Have a little patience with the house painters. Tomorrow they’ll show.

Maybe I’ll cut myself a little slack, too. In September, I’ve driven Baby Girl to school, picked her up from practice, and always had her lunch ready. I’ve attended curriculum night and met all her teachers-except the one who was off to her son’s wedding. I got Sweet Miss outfitted for college and all moved in. I’ve attended 14 volleyball matches which is roughly 50 volleyball games. I’ve organized the volunteers for home games and sent birthday cards to two nephews, my brother and my dad. I’ve enjoyed lunches and BBQ’s with friends and family and some sweet evenings with my Mr. And I’ve begun another year of Bible study with a group of wonderful women. I helped my beautiful BG get ready for Homecoming and was there for friends in need. I wrote a dozen blogs and turned another year older. All in all, September was a good month.

Here’s my Baby Girl looking all grown up for homecoming.

Hoping your September was filled with family, friends, life and love. Now where’s that to-do list?


2 thoughts on “September Reboot

  1. Oh my sweet daughter-in-law, you need a hug……….just look at your list of accomplishments for Sept. It is totally stupendous! I know that you ‘to do’ list is even longer. Lists are good, but they need not have a beginning nor an end, You and your family have accomplished so much in the short months you have been there in your beautiful new home………and that is what you have been busy doing, “making this big white house on the hill” into your family home. Job well done, Kick back, surprise you Mr. with lunch at his business, and enjoy being just the 2 of you. Time to play.

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