Pump Up the Volume

Let’s be honest, with busy schedules and running here and there, I don’t always remember which way is up. That’s one reason I love Pinterest. It keeps me organized and helps me remember all those great ideas I find on the web.

Just a mere 23 weeks ago, I pinned this photo from World Market.

These slipcovers would brighten up the girls' hangout area.

We already had the studio couch/futon in off-white. Red slipcovers would add some color to the girls’ hangout room and cover up a multitude of sins–or stains–however you want to look at it. So a few weeks ago, I headed to Cost Plus Word Market with coupons in hand to finally make my purchase, but woe is me, they didn’t have the red in stock. The nice fellow helping me checked western Washington; I could travel to the peninsula… A ferry ride and a few hours in the car wasn’t really in my plan. Checking online, they’d stopped making the red slipcover; now what?

The salesman did have a lovely “mallard” version in stock. Sometimes you have to rethink your vision. If I hated it, I could bring it back. So I went home and lo and behold, there’s a lot of blue/green in our magic carpet and the girls’ artwork. I decided to give it a go.

So we went from this:

To the oh so colorful mallard version:

I love that no one has spilled pop on the couch just yet, but it’s a whole lot of unbroken teal. So this weekend, I got busy and finally finished turning our summer art project into pillows. Now if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know that the former owners left a lot of things behind. In If You Hate It, Get It Out of Your House, I talked about packing up a dozen southwest pillows that used to live in the conversation pit. Unlike my strong and forceful post, I didn’t really get them out of my house, I got them out of my line of sight. Those old pillows have been hiding in the guest bedroom closet for the last six months waiting to be remade into something new.

Unfortunately, the medium-weight curtain fabric I used for fabric painting wasn’t thick enough to hide the southwest print. So instead of making one pillow case for each, I made two. I had some old yellow sheets that made the perfect liner obscuring the print beneath. In case you’re in the mood to recover some pillows, here’s what I did. I measured across the middle of the pillow and added an inch to that number. Then I cut two squares in the lining fabric for each pillow, sewed around three sides with a 5/8-inch seam allowance. This made the the lining snug without being too tight. I pressed the seam allowance into the open side of the pillow and then hand-sewed that side for each. Then I followed the same procedure for the fabric paintings and a matching back. By pressing the seam allowance, I ended up with a nice crease to follow for the hand-stitching.

With careful pinning, it was simply a matter of sewing while mindlessly watching TV.

So in a mere six hours, I turned a pile of paintings…

into fun and funky pillows.

Then came the exciting part–adding pillows to the mix upstairs. First I tried all the blue pillows on the little couch and the red/pink pillows on the brown loveseat.

While I really liked both vignettes, they somehow didn’t seem to play well together. It was all cool colors on one and all heat on the other. They needed to be mixed up a little. So I added the feathery magenta pillow with teal accents to the little couch.

Left two fiery pillows on the brown couch.

And relegated my little fish to the floor.

I’m certain he’ll still get used, and I’ve lived with teenagers long enough to know that things won’t remain where I put them for long.

How about you? What did you do this weekend? Given anything old new life recently?


4 thoughts on “Pump Up the Volume

  1. I LOVED IT!!!!! Oh my goodness, it all looks great and awesome and very beautiful. Oh so cleaver, and oh so long in coming, and oh so perfect for the area you created. Good for you! What did I do this weekend? I was selling jewelry and copper at SDC in Branson, MO which knows all about recycling. The crafters are super ‘recyclers’ and are making money by doing so. This whole town of Branson, is all about craft………….tons of ideas for ‘new-bie’ craftering. Town motto, “never throw anything away…………keep it for ever, as you never know when you will get an idea to turn it into something new”, however, if you buy it, you can always put it in your own garage sale.” Hoarders beware!!

    • Glad you–one of my fellow painters–like them. A creative afternoon turned into some very fun pillows. Glad Branson has embraced the idea if reusing things. Our pillows cost $0, because we used what we had on hand.

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