A Whole New Look

OK guys, I’ve been holding out on you. I mentioned we were going to paint the house about a month ago, and while my Facebook friends have been asking whether I would change the name of the blog, I haven’t mentioned a thing about it around here.

In the last year, we’ve learned that working with construction requires patience. We had a deal with the deck company and the siding company and we waited. We had a contract with the heating company, and we waited again for them to get started.

The only people who were really quick to come when we called were the plumbing guys. When we ran out of water, not once but twice this summer, they were here lickety-split. I guess when it’s an emergency, construction workers show up quick the rest of the time it’s more fluid.

So we chose our paint colors, had an agreement, and then waited around for the painters to show. We were in the midst of 80-plus days with no measurable precipitation. That’s basically unheard of around here. The weatherman said it was the driest spell since 1890. You can imagine we were getting a little anxious.

This is a big house, it hasn’t rained in forever, and it’s Seattle. We knew our luck would run out before too long.

Well, they did a walk through on the first Thursday in October, started the next day and worked till late Monday through Thursday. We were enjoying bright sunny days swathed in plastic.

I felt like a fish in a fish bowl. After they’d masked and sprayed the house, they started on the trim. This was just frightening. There are times I choose not to look.

They were so close to finishing when the rains came last Friday.

Leaving the house looking like this.

I’m not into the two-toned look. And while I really liked the new gray trim color, the blue looked so much brighter and added so much contrast. I started wondering if we’d made a mistake.

After a few soggy days, the weather cleared on Wednesday, and the painters came back to put all my worries to rest. I love it.

If you’ve ever been to Rome, you’ve seen the Victor Emmanuel monument–sometimes it’s referred to as the wedding cake. It’s this massive bright white monument in a city of  golden beige; it just doesn’t fit. I feel like we’ve turned our big, white house on the hill into something a little more subdued with an understated beauty.

This was one of my favorite pictures of our house I took last spring.

And here’s the new version.

While I miss the beautiful foxgloves, this goes so well with the fall backdrop.

When you move a little closer, you can see the outline of the decks and windows against the warm color of the house.

The painters didn’t paint the staircases and they could really use some freshening up–maybe that’s a project for the spring. All the drip lines are gone, and our house looks so well cared for.

We really do have some very unusual angles on this place.

And are surrounded by so much natural beauty.

It was the view that won me over to this place, but the house is really starting to grow on me.

This is home.

Have you painted your house lately? How do you decide on color? Do you go for wow or more subtle?


4 thoughts on “A Whole New Look

  1. Great pictures, love the colors, and “Ya baby, this is home!”. Good choice to purchase……….it sounds like now you own it with your heart. You have made it your ‘family home’.

  2. Looks great!!! We need to paint our house badly. Part of my trepidation is what color!! It is now a barn red color, adding a lot of character, with a rough cedar trip around the windows. I was all in ready to go with a color similiar to yours, but husband isn’t so sure because it will change it so much. So we sit at an impasse.

    • Color choice has been a huge issue with us in the past. We found that buying some samples and painting a large square really helped us visualize what the painted house would look like. It’s so hard to tell from a small paint card. We found our lovely brown looked almost purple when we painted a large area. Good luck painting and finding consensus.

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