Wrap It Up in Style

This time of year is filled with traditions for our family. Thanksgiving and Christmas both come with their special set of things we like to do.

Next week, Baby Girl and I will get together with my sister-in-law and the ladies from her side of the family to work out all the Thanksgiving details. All the girls get to help plan the menu and decide what they want to bring. This fun tradition usually involves food and laughter.

Thanksgiving is just the start of our holiday festivities. The four of us always go out that weekend and cut down a live Christmas tree at a local tree farm. According to Sweet Miss, it’s not a real tree if you don’t cut it down yourself.

This will be the first year, we won’t have to say no to a wide tree. Thus begins a month of decorating, planning and shopping.

Another tradition around here is new Christmas PJ’s.  I started making them a while ago. Some years, I’ve ran out of the time or the energy to make them, but the girls have enjoyed quite the variety of nightgowns and pajamas across the years.

In 2004, the girls sported reindeer themed pj’s. Sometimes I get bored, and sometimes I think I’m being creative, but they’ve put an end to that. No boxers, no nightgowns, no pajama tops, no cool/weird yarn fringe. They want fuzzy, flannel pants in traditional colors. Oh, and last year’s style–palazzo pants with a paper bag waste in flannel–while technically following the rules were an epic fail. I just wanted to try something new.

After years of making Christmas pj’s, I have racked up a lot of Christmas-y fabric scraps. Now being the hoarder/creative person I am, I just can’t throw away all those scraps. So a few years back, I came up with a fabulous idea–present bags. They save paper, they look so cute, everyone will love them, right?

Apparently some people enjoy the thrill of ripping up paper. It does make a wonderful noise. So each year, I buy wrapping paper, but I also put out some presents in sweet bags like these.

It’s a great place to try out sewing techniques on a small scale. No one’s ever going to say, this fabric gift bag isn’t up to snuff. They’ll just be impressed that you made it. I’ve made gift bags in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be as simple as sewing two rectangles together or more like a lunch bag with two rectangles attached to each other with a longer strip. Sometimes I close them with ribbon ties other times, I use buttons or a drawstring. There are no rules.

This is another great place for me to get rid of trims, buttons and all that other stuff filling up my sewing room. That way I don’t feel as guilty when I go out and buy more.

And instead of buying gift tags, I use heat-and-bond to attach fabric to decorative paper. First I iron the heat and bond to the fabric and then fussy cut the motif out and iron it to the paper. While these Christmas boxers weren’t a hit, the stocking print makes great gift tags.

These are much cuter than the ones from the store, and they’re free.

A couple weeks ago, I was out shopping with a friend when I found a little something for Sweet Miss.  I’m not sure where the Christmas paper is, but I do know where my cute bags are kept. I even found another present I’d forgotten all about.

So looky there–two presents already wrapped and ready for the tree.

Now I just need to find cozy flannel for my girls’ pj’s.  The holidays will be here before we know it.


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