October At a Glance

I like this chance each month to look back and see what we’ve been doing. I tend to think nothing has really happened around here, and then I start reading posts and realize wow we painted the house, revamped the upstairs, and turned the mantle from blah to oh so cute… I guess we have been busy after all.

While my lovely sunflowers long ago died, Adding Some Charm to the fireplace was a huge boost to the great room.

I had been waiting to paint that area and didn’t want to clutter it up. Since paint colors still elude us, I’m so glad I finally decorated this area. It will take all of five minutes to grab my step stool (it’s hard to tell, but the mantle is about 6 1/2 feet in the air) and remove these items when we do finally paint. Sometimes waiting until the perfect time is just foolish. I’ve already got visions in my head of how to spruce up the mantle for Thanksgiving. And this is the first time in 21 years, we’ll be able to hang stockings by the fire for Christmas. I’m quite excited about transforming it for the holidays.

Some intricate felt leaves have replaced the sunflowers, but I’ve got my eye out for some more over-sized pieces for the mantle.  A friend of mine had some great advice: measure, measure, measure. How will I know if I’ve found the perfect piece if I don’t know how wide my mantle is? It’s simple to put measurements in the note section of my phone so I can reference them when I’m out and about.

Now I just have to remember to grab a tape measure when I finish posting this. Don’t just say it, do it. I know myself too well.

It’s been plenty rainy the last few weeks, just take a look at the river, but the first half of October was gorgeous. I’ve been enjoying starry mornings as well as Starry Nights. There’s so much beauty all around us if we just take the time to see it.

I was over-the-top excited about how What’s Your Sign celebrating my family’s special dates turned out.

My mind raced with other applications, and so I promptly did nothing… These recaps remind me of all we’ve done and help me get motivated again. I have some navy paint and some blank wall space in the master suite, and a friend had a fabulous idea for Christmas. I have a plan.

When I head upstairs to wake up Baby Girl nearly every morning–what would she do without me?–I smile at the “mallard” slipcover and all the fun pillows featured in Pump Up the Volume.

And then I look around and remember all the other great ideas I have for this space. I’ve been waiting until we get the missing baseboards fixed, but since we haven’t even looked for a carpenter to work on it, it’s not happening any time soon.

Even Bogart is shocked.

Have I learned nothing from the fireplace? It’s time to get busy on this space. Baby Girl always has friends over, I can put them to good use helping me move furniture. Of course I may win the weirdest mom award, I did ask one of her friends if she wanted to see my worms, I may have already won that award. I’m totally good with that.

My worm bin rocks. Especially now that I added a drain hole and fished out the Suprises. The new stairs the Mr dug came in handy when he was showing me how to start the generator yesterday.

I don’t enjoy the idea of running up and down a slippery, leaf-strewn hill without the aid of stairs.

Fall Has Arrived and getting out the leaf blower and clearing the driveway has become a weekly ritual for the Mr. He also worked on the generator ventilation this weekend. The battery was dead a few weeks ago, so I got a new one when I got the brakes replaced. He’s walked me through the process–just in case–but I’m hoping for continued mild weather.

Last week we did have a windy afternoon. I looked one way to see sunshine.

Then I looked in the other direction and saw the clouds piling up and listened to the leaves rustling in the wind.

I do really love a stormy day when the rain is pelting the windows and the wind is blowing through the trees. Of course that’s only if I’m safe and warm inside.

I’m glad the painters finished giving our place A Whole New Look.

We like this more muted tone. Apparently Sweet Miss’ friends call our home the 80’s cocaine house; we’re trying to move away from that vibe. A more subdued exterior is the first step. Now we have to do something about the bright green carpet and sterile white walls inside. We’re getting there.

I sent the Mr to work with a bunch of cucumbers last week. Next summer I expect we’ll be sending fruit from the Beginning of Our Eden when our mini orchard starts producing.

So far we haven’t had any deer problems–maybe Bogart is a good deterrent. And it’s already November 5, and we still haven’t had a hard frost. The weathermen were talking about a mild winter, and then last week one of them mentioned a 100-year storm. I guess we will just wait and see. I’m looking forward to fruit some day.

I met with the sweet ladies from my sister-in-law’s family yesterday to plan out our Thanksgiving meal. That means Christmas is just around the corner. After I showed you how I Wrap It Up In Style, I realized I was running low on gift bags. The Mr’s folks sold a few at the fair a while back, and I do give them away, so eventually they run out. I spent a Saturday a few weeks back working in my sewing room. The Mr was making lots of noise in the main house, so I doubly enjoyed my quiet, creative space. He also bought a space heater that keeps the sewing room quite cozy as the temperatures drop.

Those flannel palazzo pants that were a bust last year became some cute little bags.

I’m still on the hunt for Christmas flannel, but I think I’ll make simple pj’s and just be creative with the wrappings.

That’s a rough low down of October in the big white house. Add in a ton of volleyball games and practices, faulty mail, college angst, new friends, Halloween festivities, and a doughnut loving dog and that pretty much rounds out the picture.

How was October at your house? 


2 thoughts on “October At a Glance

  1. Lovely recap………….just a question, since there are 4 in your family, ..I am wondering who the 5th “sign” belongs to. We are in TX now, having stayed over a week longer in Branson to witness the beginning of Christmas all over town, just as the leaves are turning their most glorious orange, red and yellow. We are in the ‘spirit’ of the holidays,

    • The 5th date is our anniversary. My inspiration piece showed the birthdays in black and the anniversary in white. I just stuck with all black. You’re so good at picking out details.

      Have fun with the rest if the family in TX. 🙂

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