Adding a Little Fun

I love having a space that is playful and fun to decorate. Downstairs is subdued and sleek–sometimes you’re stuck being a grown up. Upstairs in the girls’ wing, we can take some chances. It’s a fun, vibrant space more fitting a pair of teenage girls.

Of course, we only have one girl at home at the moment, but we’re hoping Sweet Miss will be heading this way come summer. Maybe that’s why Baby Girl has had a little more say in the decisions we’ve been making lately. During Thanksgiving break Sweet Miss will get a chance to offer up some suggestions. We’re looking forward to our girl coming home on Wednesday.

So enough chit chat, let’s take a look  upstairs.

Baby Girl enlisted the help of a friend, and the two of them got busy.

The Mr helped them out with the high part, but they did the rest all by themselves. Snaps for take-charge, can-do girls.

Now you may be asking yourself why in the world we’d let Baby Girl paint a wall black.  Well, it’s not simply black paint; it’s chalkboard paint. Girls love to write notes, messages, flowers, hearts, poetry, music, and basically anything. This is a great space for them to be totally creative.

And remember the Magic Carpet? (Check out the whole story here.)

This wall totally plays off the black and bright vibe we’ve embraced in this area rug. The red bookcase totally pops against the black wall.

It’s amazing how much area the girls have to fill with their chalk drawings and sayings.

Little Buddy wanted to get into the act, too. He tried to eat the chalk while we were at church yesterday. Apparently, a bag full of chalk isn’t as tasty as other treats he’s found in sandwich bags.

Now that we’ve added a bold black wall, we have been trying to figure out what color to paint the rest of them. I’m pushing for subdued and Baby Girl is looking at a vibrant aqua. I guess we’ll let Sweet Miss be the tie breaker.

It’s nice to have the hangout room where we don’t have to be as serious and can take some chances. The chalkboard wall is an ever changing source of entertainment. Who knew I’d ever hear Drake and laugh rather than change the station? (He’s a rapper just in case you’re as totally uncool as I am.)

Have you taken any chances with decorating lately? Do you love or hate the chalkboard paint craze? Does your dog eat everything in sight?


3 thoughts on “Adding a Little Fun

  1. I got my chalkboard wall!!!!! I got my chalkboard wall!!!!! Oh thank you, thank you! I have always wanted one……………, you can also paint over that with magnetic paint, and that will add more ‘texture’ in using magnets on the wall as well as chalk! What fun you will have with it!! I vote with Baby Girl, color of circles just like the carpet on another wall! Yahoo!!

  2. My vote is with Baby Girl, too! I love chalkboard paint. I think there might be a recipe on pinterest to make your own. I do not have one, but would have done one in my kitchen if I didn’t have an old fashioned one hanging up already. I have thought about doing one on the inside of a cabinet.

    Yes, our dog will eat just about anything. Although she has become a little more finicky lately. She will be given a treat, and she will hold out to see if she gets anything better. She has recently been found climbing up on a window seat we have in our kitchen to gain access to the trash can…you never know what wrapper you will find pulled out and “hidden” under the couch in the living room. The other day I came home and found a block of chocolate coating on the floor with suspicious teeth marks in it. I can’t be too hard on her, I’m pretty sure she found in the the basement – our teen haven – where one of the brothers must have smuggled it from the kitchen!

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