Shake It Up

Moving into a new home requires some adjustments. When we moved into this funky, modern open space from a traditional craftsman with an “H” layout, it was a whole new ballgame.

The former owners had left a giant coffee table, flanked by two gray loveseats and some overstuffed chairs. The coffee table housed their projection TV and a lever to raise and lower a hidden screen. All the wiring is live, so we had to leave it in place even though the projector doesn’t work.

Sometimes you just have to make do. We used what we were given and ended up with sunset watching chairs next to the dining room:

A conversation area in the middle:

And a  TV watching zone next to the master suite:

That’s the way things stood for about eight months. Then the Mr came to me with a great idea. He wanted to move the TV to the middle area. The way it was set up now, the couch was too close for easy viewing; and being right outside our bedroom, it could be noisy on late nights, and he wanted to be able to upgrade the sound system.

Now, here’s the difference between me and the Mr. When I come up with an idea, I think about it, I mull it over, I try and figure out if it’s really going to work, I sigh and think some more. The Mr just gets busy.

Suddenly, packages were arriving right and left. We needed a new wall mount, endless cables, a new cabinet, a signal booster, and other exciting things I have no name for–I’m not the engineer so I can glory in my ignorance.

The Mr  started working on the big move, and the TV went up on the wall.

And all of the furniture arrangements that made total sense now made no sense at all. Imagine, if you will, three full-size people all sitting on one loveseat so they can share a bowl of popcorn. We’re cozy–just not that cozy. A large comfy couch had a front row view of nothing.

While I love the paper bag jack-o-lantern from preschool days, this is not a stimulating scene. So I started doing what I do best–mulling, thinking, stewing–and came up with a new layout for our furniture.

Now it gets tricky trying to juggle all our random chairs, couches, and tables. We haven’t bought any new furniture (minus the cabinet that I’ll show you in a minute) since we moved in last December. So none of our furniture was bought to go in this space; and at our old house, it was meant to go in three different rooms. As a bonus, we have the gifts of the house to work with. While they are nice, they’re a bit old, a bit sloppy, and not really us.

I spent an afternoon moving furniture around (thank goodness for slides), and came up with this for the center.

Bogart doesn’t like to be left out of the action. He can be quite the lovely model.

You can see the green coach is in the perfect spot for sharing popcorn.

For a more straight on view of the television, me and the Mr can cozy up on a loveseat or two if we don’t want to be as friendly.

Now you may be asking what we did with the DVD player, Roku, and all the other components. We put them in this cabinet stationed down in the fireplace pit.

It didn’t fit well under the TV. I thought the TV and cabinet looked rather like a capital “T”. The Mr thought it went from sleek to clunky, so we’ve got it off to the side for now. He moved my grandma’s desk below it simply because there was a lot of empty space without something there.

With two loveseats in the center area, the little brown chairs no longer had as much room to look outside, so I turned them towards the dining room. Maybe guests can chat with the cook or people hanging out at the bar or table area.

I moved the orange tree between the chairs and the loveseat to give a visual break. The tree looks a little lopsided, but check out why.

We’re going to have a bumper crop of satsumas this year, and the scent of orange blossoms is quite amazing.

Now let’s head back to the former TV zone. Without the couch, there was whole lot of empty space surrounded by cabinetry. I would love to see the desk moved into this area, but we only have two outlets in the floor, and both are in the central seating area. The Mr nixed cords running across the floor. So for now, we have a little reading, visiting area.

The overhead lighting makes this a great place to read at night. And the little green chairs are easy to move over to the computer when Baby Girl is working on a group project.

Since shaking things up, the central seating area is seeing a whole lot of action. I tried to entice people to this area a few months ago by adding a puzzle to the coffee table, the dog ate the puzzle, so that was a bust. Now it’s the favorite place to be. I guess the TV has replaced the hearth as the center of the home, but now we have them both in close proximity.

Someday, we’ll actually buy furniture that we love, and fix up this place just the way we want it. For now this is home. It’s comfortable and totally works for us.

Wishing each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. We are expecting 23 for dinner tomorrow and Sweet Miss will be home in just a few hours. It might be time to stop typing and get busy.

Do you like to switch up the furniture or layout of  your rooms? How do you make do with random furniture? Do you have big plans for this holiday weekend? 


3 thoughts on “Shake It Up

  1. I do not like to switch things up, although as I type this I remember waking up this morning and thinking I think we should move the bed under the windows and try it…hmmmm. NORMALLY, I do not like to switch things up. Once I get it set, I am good – for years.

    It has been a very long time since I have had to deal with random furniture. Although, (I keep saying that!) the basement has random furniture, but that is the teen boy area and is left to them. One day it is going to be a completely finished game/sports room for hubby with places for all of his sports memorabilia. We have all of the supplies, just need the finished part.

    Our plans are to go to hubby’s dad and step-mom’s. They have been married 10 years after both lost their spouses. I miss Roger’s mom, but we love “granny”, too. We think we are having 17 this year for the meal, and some may come later in the evening to say hello. And there may be10 just show up that can’t seem to let anyone know what they are doing…but I digress. This is a very small year for our family, if we are all there, grandparents, kids, and grandkids, we number 75 now. Which is why we actually are getting smaller. It is that time that you start having your immediately family for the holiday. One sibling has 10 grandchildren now – all 5 and under. Yikes – they are having their own Thanksgiving for the first time in over 10 years at least.

    I hope your day is fabulous! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Love it, love it! Nice job, We too had the same “problem” with the last house, and the house we are in now. Never did quite figure out the last house, but did lots of furniture movement. Finally got it right, but bought a sectional that was not quite right as one side went out instead of continuing to curve around. That same couch came to this house, and now that ‘rogue’ part is in our bathroom and all is working pretty well.
    We did have a super Thanksgiving spending it with our ‘logical’ son’d military friends. Talk about things to be grateful for. Looks like you had a great time as well.

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