Let’s Get Busy

Sometimes simple changes can make such a big difference.

Sweet Miss came home for Thanksgiving on Wednesday night and brought with her a huge helping of energy and excitement.

She always said Baby Girl was the messy one. I don’t know about that, but Sweet Miss wasn’t home five minutes before she had us cleaning and rearranging the upstairs hangout room. We were expecting a houseful of company the next day, and all the cousins would probably be lounging around upstairs. She envisioned people rather than blankets and pillows sitting around on the couches. So we got busy and put away the junk.

Then it was time to do a little rearranging. I’ve envisioned the two bookcases flanking the TV stand, since we moved in. Unfortunately, the baseboard radiators nixed that idea. So they got shoved into the corner.

I would love to see that bookcases painted black and the backs covered in graphic fabric or paper, but for now, I’ll settle for them flanking the entertainment unit and the the whole silly thing shoved up against the wall. Since the radiators were removed this summer, the TV has been floating in the middle of the room. We need to repair the baseboards, but that hasn’t happened. With strong, healthy girls and a set of slides, we are able to push everything back up against the wall.

We’ve had a ton of paintings the girls made once upon a time just leaning against the wall since we moved in.

The girls threw dixie cups of diluted watercolor paint onto a pair of  canvases for the Mr’s birthday ages ago. Sweet Miss’ painting is now hanging over the TV, and Baby Girl’s painting greets you on your way upstairs.

The girls created the spatter paintings when we added a bonus room to our old house. They wanted to spatter paint the whole room; that did not go over big with the rest of the family. So we negotiated by agreeing to let them paint a few canvases in the backyard and hanging those instead. This homemade art got set in the corner, when Baby Girl painted the chalk wall, but they still hadn’t found a home.

I had a turkey dinner to be making, so I gave them the hammer and a pack of nails and let them go to town. While it’s part of our house, and we have final say, I like the girls to have ownership and take part in decorating their rooms. The crowded bookcase corner now sports lovely paintings, book art, and family photos.

Sweet Miss decided to put up some old plates and masks above the kitchen cabinets.

It might be fun to add some ethnic knick-knacks, too. A nice blue wall will set off the woodwork and bring a little color to this space. The rest of the room is quite vibrant, but the kitchen looks rather drab.

The plan is to bring our old dining room table upstairs, once we get a new one downstairs. Then at least, a table and chairs (maybe painted bright red) would add some color.

Now I know you’re dying to find out how the chalkboard wall fared with a bunch of teenage girls in the same room. Well, I’ve smudged the names to protect the innocent, but let’s just say, the whole wall is covered–just the way it was meant to be.

I’m really happy with how this room is coming together. It’s warm and inviting, young without being too young. I hope the girls feel comfortable here for years to come.

As I was leaving the girls’ wing, I was surprised by a view of Mt. Rainier.

The original owner, who designed this place, took a lot of care to maximize the view. It still causes me to pause and smile at the beauty.

Have you stopped to enjoy some beauty today? Did you have an infusion of youth and energy over Thanksgiving?


5 thoughts on “Let’s Get Busy

  1. Oh how I would have loved an “infusion of teens” over for Thanksgiving, however, we had a most wonderful experience at our ‘logical’ son’s friend’s home. It was filled to over flowing with PJs in the Air Force. PJ stands for para-rescue and/or parachute jumpers,/ special services. (much like the Navy Seals are in the Navy) They are part of our son’s ‘team’ and all have seen heavy duty combat over and over again. One young man was recovering from being shot 8 times, one dropped bombs, one tested bombs, one took bombs apart when found etc. All had beautiful girl friends or wives, and there were some very well behaved little children, and everyone was way under 40 years old. Papa was asked to carve the deep fried turkey which turned out fantastic.
    Per usual we all took turns at saying what we were thankful for, we all held hands while saying grace, and Papa and I were so thankful for being invited to be in the presence of those who make it possible to live in a free America. We urge everyone to shake the hand, and say thank you to any one you see who is, or has been in the Armed Forces. We need each other’s support.
    .Oh, I LOVE the girl’s suite!!!!! Nice job ladies!

    • We were trying to copy Helen Frankenthaler’s art methods, so the girls stood on a step stool and threw watered-down paint on a canvas. It was really quite fun. The blue canvas I let dry as-is, but I poured the pooled up paint off the other. That’s why it has the directional streaks. Let me know if you give it a try.

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