It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas

It may still be November, but we’re in the holiday mood around here.

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the trees and decorations, the carols and lights, and God’s gift to each of us long ago. With Sweet Miss home last weekend, we made our annual trek out to the tree farm. According to the girls, it’s not a real tree unless you cut it down yourself.

Baby Girl working hard.

Sometimes you need your sister to look pretty and hold the branches out of your face while you cut down the tree.


Before we went and got the tree, the big discussion was where to put it. At our old house, it was easy. We put it in the corner, took down the clock and wired it to the staircase and a bolt in the wall. We’ve been in the habit of getting 12-15-foot-tall trees for the last 10 years. In the past, we’ve been limited by space constraints. A tree that tall is often quite wide. Our old living room was the same size as Baby Girl’s bedroom is now. A giant tree basically overwhelmed the space. So the girls would stand by a tall, bushy tree and the Mr would stand by a tall, skinny tree, and we would stomp back and forth until the Mr won.

This year, the Mr said we could have a nice, wide, bushy tree, but it couldn’t be too tall, since we don’t have anything to tie it to. So we wandered the tree farm, made our perfect pick and brought home a 9-10-footer that was pleasingly plump. We talked about putting it in the bump out in the walkway or in the former TV zone, but it’s so nice to have a tree right in the middle of everything. Baby Girl laughed at me when I hinted that I didn’t want the tree to be lonely.

The Mr said he didn’t care as long as it wouldn’t hit the TV when it fell over–we had a 2 am wake up call a few years back. That’s the kind of thing you just don’t say. So we moved the little brown chairs and set it up between the dining room and fireplace area.

It looked so pretty and the lights twinkled merrily. We spent an enjoyable evening making sure each ornament was placed just so. Sunday afternoon, I was fixing lunch and heard a little tinkle sound. What happened? Did one of the ornaments fall off? Oh no, the tree was bowing to me flat out on the tile floor.

We cut off one of the lower branches and got it back into place. Unfortunately, now one string of lights no longer works, and half of the ornaments were thrown askew. The old tree stand was in need of repair, so the Mr got a new, heavy-duty one. Once we get it swapped over to the new stand, I’m going to try to get the tree back in order, but I’m afraid it will look a little crazy for the rest of the season. When we’re taking down the tree, we’ll find Santa hanging by his beard or just half of a glass ornament. Our tree isn’t fancy. It’s full of homemade decorations that bring back fond memories, but it’s still sad to sweep up the broken ones.

Along with trying to figure out where to set up the tree, we’ve been in a quandary over where to set up basically everything. When Baby Girl was putting out the fall decorations, she faced the same dilemma. After 13 years at the old house, we had places all set aside and knew exactly where certain decorations would go. Here it’s been a bit of trial and error.

When we were doing our holiday decorating with Bing Crosby crooning in the background, we tried to decide what should go on top of the china hutch. Since it’s viewed from all sides, I suggested a row of poinsettias. I was amazed when I came home from a trip to the Dollar Store to see a line of flowers atop the hutch. The Mr had overheard my comment and surprised me. At least one corner of the house is coming together.

They must of used super glue to affix the labels to the wrappings on these plants. I understand that you need to easily see what they are, but those tags are ugly.

Here they are in mass.

I’d picked up some wired ribbon at the Dollar Store and some over-sized ornaments, so for $6 I prettied them up a little.

The ornaments are big and they cost a dollar, so I won’t cry if they go rolling off the top of the hutch. A cut up paper towel under each gives them a little staying power.

While they look festive from the dining room, the look equally as good from the entry.

I figure a little worm juice will keep the poinsettias lush and healthy throughout the holidays.

Have you started your holiday decorating? Do you have a beautiful themed tree or a more eclectic version? Has your tree done a face plant?


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