November Revisited

I’m always surprised looking back at each  month seeing how much has happened and how much has stayed painfully the same. I guess that’s the way life is–some highs, some lows.

Here’s the recap of November in the Big (Off-)White House on the Hill.

We started off the month sharing our high-tech light switches from SmartLabs  that the Mr installed (Let There Be Light). In the summer when it doesn’t start getting dark until after 9 pm, we don’t really bother with the overhead lights. This time of year, with stormy skies and sunset at 4:17, we rely heavily on them.

Storms a Comin

With the Insteon iPhone app, we’ve gotten hooked on simply pushing a button to turn on a light rather than getting up, wandering around the corner or down the hall to figure out the touch panels. The Mr has added a few more in the TV area for our convenience. Baby Girl had a head cold last week and was watching WALL-E; I’m hoping we don’t turn into those sad creatures.

In Let’s Talk Color, I showed you all my paint boards and renderings of the kitchen. I was so certain we were getting close to a decision…not so much. I still like this palette for the kitchen but this may be too peachy. And we’re getting leery of gray which is both sophisticated and depressing.

Kitchen Tan

When Sweet Miss was home from college, she told me to dye my hair bright red, so she could see what she would look like. Sometimes that kid is crazy, but I obliged with a little photo editing.

Red Hair

We may not have decided on paint color, but I’m getting really good at modifying photos.

I am pleased to report that the boiler is going strong. We haven’t had a real cold spell since early in November, so the boiler may not have had to aid the heat pump very much. I’m thankful however it shakes out that I haven’t had to tell the Mr Come on Baby Light the Fire in order to keep warm.


I still love my ice bucket turned toiletries caddy. It’s doing a great job Corralling the Clutter.

Ice Bucket

The Mr approves, so you know it’s a good move. I like how one change encourages another. I’ve got my eye out for more silvery, sparkly additions to tidy up the bath. For now, I’ll have to be satisfied with some candlesticks.

The girls’ hangout room changed so much this last month. We Added a Little Fun with the ever-changing chalkboard wall, and finally Got Busy and rearranged the furniture. The chalkboard wall is so much fun. Uncles, cousins, friends sign, draw pictures, and get all artistic with it. Baby Girl’s posse was over on Friday night. The wall theme changed from Happy Thanksgiving to Merry Christmas complete with a tree. It makes me happy just looking at it.

Merry Christmas

One of her buddies, who comes over all the time, exclaimed “your room looks so cute” when she reached the top of the stairs. It’s gratifying to hear honest, unsolicited admiration from a teenager; it reinforces the fact that a few small changes can make a big impact.

Beautified Corner

Downstairs got totally rearranged when we moved the TV from the built-in cabinet and bookcase area outside the master suite to center stage.

Bogart doesn't like to be left out of the action. He can be quite the lovely model.

Bogart doesn’t like to be left out of the action. He can be quite the lovely model.

Moving the TV to the middle has made the center portion of the great room so much more usable. While we have plans for getting rid of the coffee table opening up the area to a more symmetrical arrangement, everything will stay as is until after Christmas. A 10-foot-tall Christmas tree makes moving furniture tricky.

Some of you may be worried about that kamikaze tree throwing its self around in It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas. It has remained upright for a week now, and we put it in the new tree stand that has no twisted bolts or stress fractures. I did pluck one broken ornament from it yesterday when I was trying to fill in the last of the holes, but it actually survived its fall very well.

Christmas Tree

And the lovely poinsettias the Mr bought me are really cute.

Hutch Decorations

I haven’t given them a dose of worm juice yet, but the rest of our indoor plants are enjoying amazing health. The bougainvillea and the Christmas cactus are both blooming.

I got a little domestic this month making turkey broth (check out Being Thrifty). I highly recommend making broth in the pressure cooker. I made a ton quickly and easily with no catastrophes. My downstairs freezer now has enough tasty broth to last us quite awhile.

The Final Product

And finally, I attempted to Keep Track of my knitting and crocheting projects in a little scrapbook of sorts. I received some great suggestions. Ravelry (an online community for knitters and crocheters) has a really good online project notebook. I may have to upload my pictures and info to that as well. There are times that I enjoy holding something in my hand rather than just seeing it on a screen. Another commenter mentioned that she writes down the cost and source of materials for each project. I think I”ll have to add those in, too. I’ve also decided a little swatch of yarn in one of those button bags you get with new shirts would be a great way to have some yarn for mending–just in case. These tile floors are really hard on socks.


So how was your November? Are you amazed at what you accomplished? Are you totally in the holiday spirit?


2 thoughts on “November Revisited

  1. Yup, totally in the Christmas spirit. Tree is up, and house is decorated. Gifts are wrapped, and the ones to be mailed are MAILED!! Yahoo! Had a dinner party on Dec. 1st and have started giving out my homemade gifts to friends in the cutest little boxes. I love $ Stores!! While I am NOT going to the warmth of a sandy place by the ocean, we are enjoying sunny days in the low to mid 70s. Cannot complain.

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