Christmas Cheer

It’s always fun to wander through someone else’s home and see how they’ve decorated and get new ideas. While the girls were at summer camp, me and Mr used to visit the Street of Dreams to see all the newest things in home design. Spa showers, hidden wine cellars, immaculate garages…they all had us dreaming of what we would do some day. So you can imagine how excited I was to get the chance to tour five local homes and see  how they’ve decorated for the holidays. They were both unique and beautiful and ran the gamut from 50’s beach house to country cottage and modern chic. While there were prominent signs stating no photography, I did get a few outside shots and a photo with Santa. The first home we toured featured burlap and silver. I loved the juxtaposition of humble and glam against the backdrop of evergreen boughs. The place cards were green leaves with names written on them in gold pen–cute, cleaver, easy. I was drooling over some truly beautiful granite sinks and counters. Then we took a step back in time to this little beach cottage. Beach Cottage It was chocked full of collections and a million and one 50’s-era knick-knacks. How long has it been since you’ve seen a rotary phone? It was so much fun to visit, but I could never live like that. We did enjoy posing with Santa on the way out. Santa   Another house had a very shabby chic feel. The homeowner’s grandmother’s wedding dress was prominently displayed. I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with book art in the living room. They had used book pages to make skirts on dress forms and a large paper cone wreath was hung in place of pride. While it wasn’t the rose wreath I chose to make, it was similar to this one I saw on Pinterest and very cute.

Found at the Nesting Place via Pinterest

I do believe this was the home with the amazing Viking cooktop that I also drooled over. Our cooktop is a bear to clean and some pots just won’t stay on the burners. My ebelskiver pan was giving me fits on Saturday. In the third house we visited, they had huge hurricanes filled with cranberries on the bottom and green apples and leaves on top. Now wait just a second. Cranberries figured prominently in our Thanksgiving decor. Decor Maybe I should grab those cranberries out of the fridge and pick up a bag of apples. This could look very nice on a smaller scale running down the center of a table or on a buffet. Finally, the last home had amazing artwork everywhere. The story was that some girl moved here to go to the U and her father had this fancy home built in Kirkland for her–hmm, Sweet Miss don’t get any ideas. After she finished her studies, they sold the house and the new owners moved in along with their fabulous art collection. I loved how they had a variety of art–very different pieces–all hung in the same room. At Thanksgiving one of our guests asked if the former owners had left the art work since it ranged in style so widely. No, it’s all ours. It’s a bit on the random side; many of the pieces were gets and holds memories. I figured if these rich art collectors can hang all different kinds of art, so can we. As we left the last home, we saw some lovely trees with bright reddish-pink bark. Vibrant Limbs   They were truly gorgeous. I bought a tree at a farmer’s market a few years back with coral bark. It never quite took off, but after seeing these I’m tempted to try again. It was fun to see bits and pieces of what we’ve done in other places. I’m not going to be adding Christmas trees and wreaths in every room, but we did decide a little outdoor lighting was in order. I picked up a few rolls of LED lights, and the Mr and Baby Girl strung them up over the weekend. Twinkling lights   Deck Lights   It adds a little Christmas Cheer to our house. I’m not sure how many people will be able to see it, but we like the twinkling lights as we drive up at night. If we get a clear evening, I may get a photo from down below. While  I love you guys, and appreciate you stopping by this blog, I’m not willing to wander two wet staircases and a soggy meadow in the dark when it’s raining for just a picture.

Do you have your lights up? Have you seen touches of home in other places?

(You can check out my book art here and here.)


3 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer

  1. I love seeing other peoples home for ideas too. We put up all the lights that nobody sees but my family and I figure the smiles and cheer are well worth it even if no one else sees. It does add cheer and we like to see it when we drive up our driveway too. Loved your little blog. Merry Christmas to the Birum Family.

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