Wrapping Up December

December has been a pretty low-key month in the blogging world for me. I’ve taken not one, but two vacations spending time with friends, family, and our new puppy.

Even so, I’m surprised at the number of views this month–over 700. Thanks everyone for stopping by.

Here’s a look back at what’s been going on this month.

The MR replaced the shower door up in the girls’ bathroom in Keeping Them Safe. Sweet Miss says it’s much better than when she came home at Thanksgiving and Baby Girl told her not to touch the shower door or it’d fall on her. It’s hard to get too excited about a shower door until you fear for life and limb.

I’ve packed up my Festive Mantle, but I’m keeping a watch for over-sized decorations for next year. I think a collection of nutcrackers marching down the stair-stepped walls would look spectacular. I’m afraid my reindeer painting is going to have to find another spot. It’s just not doing it for me on the mantle. The fireplace did make a nice backdrop for Sweet Miss and her beau when they went out for dinner.

Sweet Miss +1

Our TV components are playing musical chairs once again. Now that the relay system seems to be working, the MR has plans to move the DVD player, Roku, and satellite box back into the cabinets they started. Then he’ll redo the wiring and restore symmetry to the fireplace once more. Who knew moving the TV and the furniture would be such a chore? You can read all about it in It’s Gotta Make Sense. Now we have a really smart looking cabinet that needs to find a new place.

I continued throughout December in my quest for holiday decorating inspiration. Since many aspects of our house are really large scale, I found displays in office buildings and  resorts translate  well to our space. Perhaps the garland that used to line the staircase at our old house could outline the French doors.


I think I’ll try for a lot of red, white, and green sprinkled about next Christmas. I have 11 months to plan, and I can alway get a touch of Christmas Cheer on the home tour next year.

Winter Skies have continued to wow me. Here’s Mt. Rainier peaking through the fog.

the fog

Sunrise yesterday was amazing.


I looked up from making breakfast to see this. It lasted just a few minutes until the fog swallowed it up. I was blessed to enjoy this moment of beauty.

And sunset on 2012 wasn’t so bad either.


Christmas time always reminds me of my mom. She loved it so much. Maybe it was the difficult childhood memories that made her want to make it so special for everyone. Lessons from Mom was a departure from my usual posts. Thanks for all the kind words and comments I received on it. Your comments really do make this blog worthwhile, and keep me writing.

Along with the advent calendar, we’ve continued a Christmas tradition I started when the girls were little with new homemade pj’s on Christmas Eve.

Christmas PJs

I love my sweet silly girls.

After our little get-away to Mexico, I tried my hand at baked French toast accompanied by strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast on Christmas morning. I think those beach restaurants have more practice and used the good stuff rather than whipped cream out of a can. It did Add a Little Beauty even if it went a touch flat.


I had a sleepy but appreciate audience.

Finally, in The Wisest Choice I talked about decisions we’ve been making around here and how sometimes the smartest decision doesn’t necessarily make it the right one. Our little Cocoa was exhausted yesterday, from her first walk down on the river trail with Bogart and two other dogs, but she did have enough energy to pick a satsuma off our tree. Sweet Miss was trying to figure out why we had a lemon or lime on the love seat. No such luck. We have a crazy puppy who has taken to eating rocks out of planters and apparently picking unripe oranges. It’s a good thing she’s “so cute” otherwise she’d be in a lot of trouble. Something worthwhile isn’t necessarily easy.

Baby Girl and Cocoa

Hope your December has been filled with family, food, friends, love, and a little craziness.


2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up December

  1. What a lovely synopsis of your Dec. activities. You sound very happy with how it all went. We had a great Christmas with our ‘logical’ son and his new wife and boys, ages 12 and 7. It was great to be with wildly enthusiastic kids opening their presents.New Years Eve was low key, per usual, just the way we like it. And topped it off on New Years Day with the annual watching of the Rose Parade
    Looking forward to the surprises 2013 will bring…..Happy New Year Family!!

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